Predators and Propaganda: Minority Worship from Low Crime to High Politics

A noble Black lawyer prosecutes an evil White sex-beast, who receives 33 life-sentences for his cowardly and despicable crimes against eleven innocent women and children. What a potent and effective way to smash the vile racist stereotype that Blacks are prone to violence and rape! And what a heart-warming symbol of Brave New Britain, where non-Whites are using their higher intelligence and morality to topple millennia of White supremacist barbarism.

Noble Black vs White Barbarian: Tetteh Turkson and Joseph McCann

Yes, Tetteh Turkson, the noble Black lawyer, is the future. Joseph McCann, the evil White sex-beast, is the past. Or at least that’s what the neo-Bolshevik Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) wanted to proclaim when it chose Turkson, “a senior crown prosecutor at the London North office” of the CPS, to prosecute McCann. But in fact the story of the evil White sex-beast isn’t what the CPS and other anti-White leftists would like it to be. The genuinely horrific crimes of Joseph McCann are further proof that pro-White racism is right and anti-White leftism is wrong.

A newspaper that censors reality

So are the genuinely horrific crimes of the White serial killers Fred West and Levi Bellfield. This is because McCann, West and Bellfield aren’t actually “White” in the sense used by the Occidental Observer. These three men don’t belong to the White race whose interests and achievements the Occidental Observer seeks to defend and explain. They’re genetically distinct and are the products of a different evolutionary history. Not that you get any hint of this when you read about McCann’s crimes in leftist propaganda-outlets like the BBC and Guardian:

Joseph McCann, who has been convicted of a horrific series of rapes and kidnappings against 11 women and children, was freed in error to commit his crimes after authorities failed to realise he should have been in jail for a previous violent offence. …

He raped eight victims, including an 11-year-old boy and a 71-year-old woman, during a fortnight-long rampage earlier this year that stretched from London to Cheshire. The boy aged 11 and his sister were attacked in front of each other in their own home. …

The trial produced some of the most harrowing evidence heard in a British court in recent times. Jurors and members of the court were frequently upset by the distressing nature of the evidence, with the judge ending one day’s hearing early after a tape was played of a 999 call by a 17-year-old girl who was attacked in front of her brother. …

McCann had an extensive criminal history. In 2008, he was convicted of aggravated burglary after breaking into the house of an 85-year-old man and threatening him with a knife, demanding money. He received an IPP sentence with a minimum tariff of two and a half years. The Parole Board decided he was safe to release in March 2017, on a 10-year licence. In August 2017, he was arrested for burglary and theft, and sentenced to three and a half years in prison. The halfway point of his sentence was reached in February 2019, and he was released automatically. (Joseph McCann guilty of horrific rapes after being freed by mistake, The Guardian, 6th December 2019)

There are some very interesting things missing from the Guardian’s reports about McCann’s crimes. To find them, you’ll have to go downmarket to bigoted and racist newspapers despised by the highly intelligent and educated rationalists who read the Guardian. The despicable Daily Mail reported that McCann “abducted a 21-year-old at knifepoint as she walked home from a nightclub and raped the mother of one on her own bed. Afterwards McCann told her rape is ‘what we do in the traveller community’.” And the despicable Sun reported that “Sick Joseph McCann, 34, wore wigs, told victims he loved them and claimed they were part of a ‘gypsy initiation ritual’ as he carried out a horrific rape spree across the UK.”

The narcissism and self-regard of leftists

Fancy that! The Guardian claims to be passionately committed to giving oppressed minority communities like Travellers and Gypsies “a voice,” but it failed to give a voice to Joseph McCann when he spoke on behalf of these fascinating communities and explained their vibrant culture to bigoted outsiders. In other words, the Guardian censored the story and concealed highly relevant facts about McCann from its readers. And by the Guardian’s own standards, they are certainly facts, not merely allegations, because McCann’s words were reported by his female victims and the Guardian is passionately committed to “believing women” and fighting “rape culture.”

In fact, of course, the Guardian is passionately committed to feeding the narcissism and self-regard of its reporters and readers. And that means not just censorship and concealment of the truth, but actually assisting the growth of rape culture and the immunity of rapists. When the Labour MP Ann Cryer was trying to fight the “large-scale paedophile abuse” being committed by non-White Muslims in her Yorkshire constituency, she naturally sought the help of the Guardian, Britain’s foremost progressive and feminist newspaper. But given a choice between admitting the truth and maintaining their narcissist fantasies, leftists never hesitate. Cryer says: “I couldn’t get The Guardian interested. Its reporters seemed paralysed by political correctness.”

Minority predators

In other words, the Guardian allowed rape culture to flourish and girls to suffer at the hands of brutal misogynists. And the Guardian is still helping rape culture, because it’s still censoring the truth about predatory minorities like Travellers and Gypsies. These two minorities appear to be distinct (but sometimes allied and inter-breeding) genetic groups that have evolved a strategy of preying on outsiders. Travellers and Gypsies are notorious for violence and aggression, both of which are, of course, under strong genetic influence. And it is very interesting that three of the worst sex-criminals in British history were drawn from these groups. You’ve already read about Joseph McCann. Now read about the serial killers Fred West and Levi Bellfield:

Minority Predators: Fred West and Levi Bellfield

Frederick Walter Stephen “Fred” West (29 September 1941 — 1 January 1995), was an English serial killer. Between 1967 and 1987, he and his wife Rosemary tortured, raped and murdered at least 12 young women and girls, many at the couple’s homes. … Fred West came from a long line of Herefordshire farm laborers. He was born in 1941 in the village of Much Marcle, approximately 120 miles west of London, to Walter and Daisy West. Fred began life as a beautiful baby with huge piercing blue eyes and blond hair. … The beautiful baby grew up into a scruffy-looking boy. His blond hair turned to a dark brown and became curly and unkempt. He had inherited some of his mother’s less attractive facial features: an overly large mouth and a gap between his large teeth. He looked distinctly like a Gypsy.

West would later claim that his father had incestuous relationships with his daughters. It has been suggested that incest was an accepted part of the household, and that his father taught him bestiality from an early age. West recalled, in police interviews, that his father had said on many occasions “Do what you want, just don’t get caught doing it.” It is also alleged that his mother Daisy began sexually abusing him from the age of 12. (Frederick Walter Stephen West, Serial Killer Calendar)

[Levi] Bellfield, a 20-stone Romany Gypsy who was the father of at least 11 children, would single out lone, blonde females, walking home late at night or waiting at bus stops and, when they rejected his uncouth advances, he would attack them violently. He casually told one girlfriend that he would wait in alleyways wanting to “hurt, kill, stab or rape women.”

Detective Chief Inspector Colin Sutton said this of Bellfield: “He has a massive ego to feed, he thinks he’s God’s gift to everyone. He drives around in his car … and sees some young blonde girl. Young blonde girl says ‘Go away!’ and he thinks ‘You dare to turn down Levi Bellfield, you’re worth nothing!’ and then she gets a whack over the head…”

On 20 August 2004, 22-year-old French student Amelie Delagrange missed her stop, after taking a bus home from an evening out with friends. She was crossing Twickenham Green when Bellfield struck. … Within minutes he had battered her to death in a fit of anger after she had rejected his advances. Detective Chief Inspector Sutton added: “We are looking at other murders which have not been solved… We looked at a dozen crimes in west London and we have not been able to eliminate Levi from any of them. I fear we may have only scratched the surface.”

On 27 February 2008, The Sun informed us thus: “Johanna Collings believes the fiend attacked at least 100, sometimes claiming two victims in one evening. He even bragged of laughing as he raped a disabled girl on a car bonnet in a nightclub car park — after lifting her from her wheelchair… (Levi Bellfield: Gypsy Beast, Rogues Gallery blog, 21st December 2008)

Remember what the Daily Mail reported about one of McCann’s victims: “McCann told her rape is ‘what we do in the traveller community’.” If McCann is right, the Guardian has a genuine example of “rape culture” to investigate and expose. If McCann is wrong, he committed a monstrous libel against the Traveller community and the Guardian should expose the libel.

Violence, aggression and ethnocentrism

Apparently the Guardian believes that McCann was speaking the truth, because it censored what he said. That is not honest or rational behaviour. Here at the Occidental Observer we try to honour the scientific tradition and conform our ideology to reality. At the Guardian, they honour the leftist tradition and conform reality to their ideology. But reality won’t conform, so the Guardian censors reality. That’s why the Guardian won’t discuss the true predatory nature of Travellers and Gypsies. In my article “Destroy the Goy: The Metaphysics of Anti-White Hatred,” I described a Traveller family in Lincolnshire that had enslaved non-Travellers, “forcing at least 18 victims — including homeless people and some with learning disabilities — to work for little or no pay and live in squalid conditions for up to 26 years.”

The Travellers in question obviously saw their non-Traveller slaves as worthless. In other words, the Travellers were ethnocentric, regarding themselves and their genetic kin as superior to non-Travellers and entitled to prey on those outsiders. Ethnocentrism, of course, is also under strong genetic influence. And you can see all three of these traits — violence, aggression and ethnocentrism — in the sordid story of Joseph McCann. At least, you can if you’re prepared to look. The Guardian and its readers aren’t, because they want to retain their narcissistic fantasies rather than understand the world:

Sadistic serial rapist Joseph McCann was one of Britain’s first ASBO [Anti-Social Behaviour Order] yobs [young male thugs] after terrorising locals [in Manchester] by setting cars alight and shoplifting. McCann, 34, was just 14 when he was slapped with the Anti-Social Behaviour Order alongside his brothers Michael and Sean. The teen tearaways rampaged through the poverty-stricken Manchester estate they lived on — robbing terrified locals and setting cars alight. …

Their campaign of terror on the gritty Beswick estate finally came to an end when they were banned from the area. … One resident told MailOnline: “They were a horrible family, absolutely vile — scum of the earth.” … Undeterred, the feckless brood then moved to Aylesbury, Buck[inghamshire], and Middlesex where they linked up with their traveller relatives. McCann, who began dabbling in crime in 1998 when he was convicted of shoplifting, continued his yobbish behaviour in his new home.

The family “brought havoc” to Middlesex — with McCann and one of his brothers repeatedly stealing cars and setting them ablaze. They soon became notorious on the estate — with locals too petrified to challenge the thug brothers. One said: “There used to be a brick wall outside their house. But they took all the bricks out to throw them at people. If you said anything to them they would threaten to beat you up. There were two older boys and one little one. They were really horrible. They were part of a gang. Their house was like their headquarters.” … (Serial rapist Joseph McCann was one of UK’s first ASBO yobs who terrorised neighbours, set cars ablaze and shoplifted, The Sun, 6th December 2019)

Note these words in the article: “They were part of a gang.” That is, they were part of a violent collectivist minority preying on an atomized, individualist majority. The McCanns and their “traveller relatives” have not been genetically pacified like the White majority across much of Europe, where powerful centralized states have been executing criminals for many centuries. Joseph McCann and his brothers descend from a long line of men who have enjoyed sexual success precisely because of their violence and aggression. But the victims of the McCanns descend from people who have relied on the state to maintain order and protect them from criminal violence.

Leftism is crypto-religious

Nowadays, however, the state has been subverted by another genetically distinct group that is hostile to the law-abiding White majority. The legal system in Brave New Britain no longer acts on behalf of the law-abiding, but on behalf of the lawless. In “Whites as Witches,” I described how the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC), headed by the ethnocentric Jews Rebecca Hilsenrath and David Isaacs, had backed “successful legal action … against a pub which refused entry to Irish Travellers.” The pub undoubtedly had very good reason for “refus[ing] entry,” having experienced the violence and theft that Travellers and Gypsies are notorious for. These nomadic groups have evolved to prey on the settled, law-abiding majority, but the idea that minorities can be harmful to the majority is blasphemous in the modern West.

And “blasphemous” is the mot juste. Leftism is a crypto-religious ideology that seems to exploit the same brain-circuits as those involved in overt religions. That’s why I also use the term “minority worship” to describe the attitude of leftists towards minorities like Blacks, Gypsies and Muslims. In leftist propaganda, the saintly and virtuous lives of these minorities are under continual assault from the evil forces of White racism and White supremacism. In its full modern form, minority worship is a Jewish creation designed to serve Jewish interests, because Jews see themselves as the archetypal virtuous and victimized minority. In reality, they are a predatory and particularist minority whose contemptuous term for non-Jews, goyim, is echoed by gorja, the contemptuous term used by Gypsies for non-Gypsies. Indeed, you could describe Jews as Gypsies with high IQs, or Gypsies as Jews with low IQs. Both groups are predatory minorities who regard the majority with hostility and contempt, while justifying their predation with lachrymose self-histories in which they have been unjustly persecuted by the very majority that, in reality, they have preyed on.

Kosher Kabinet: Jewish Dominic Raab, Jewish-Turkish Boris Johnson, Pakistani Muslim Sajid Javid, Indian Hindu Priti Patel

But it’s precisely because Jews have high IQs that historical and biological realism about Jews, Gypsies and other predatory minorities is impossible in the mainstream. Jewish intelligence and verbal facility have enabled them to create the vast web of laws, academic studies, media propaganda, and censorship that sustains the cult of minority worship and ensures that Western nations remain firmly under Jewish control. That’s why the Guardian censored the truth about Joseph McCann and why the Crown Prosecution Service appointed a noble Black lawyer to prosecute this evil White sex-beast.

The war between reality and lies

It’s also why Brave New Britain is now ruled by a Kosher Kabinet consisting of a Jewish-Turkish Prime Minister, a Jewish Foreign Secretary, a Pakistani Muslim Chancellor, and an Indian Hindu Home Secretary. And while one minority — the Jews — keep control at the top, other minorities commit horrific crimes at the bottom. High politics and low sex-crime might appear to exist in completely separate realms, but they can both be explained by human biology and the evolutionary forces identified in the nineteenth century by the great White scientist Charles Darwin.

But while Darwin worked to describe and explain reality, the great Jewish ideologue Karl Marx worked to distort and exploit reality. And that’s the war we’re now living through: between Darwin and Marx, between those who believe in reality and those who believe in lies. The crimes of Joseph McCann were one part of that war. The government of Boris Johnson is another. Jewish ideology and Jewish control can be seen at work in both the low crimes and the high politics. But you’ll only read that at ADL-certified hate-sites like the Occidental Observer. After all, “Truth is hate to those who hate the truth.”

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  1. Alexander Baron
    Alexander Baron says:

    Gypsies were put on this Earth to give blacks someone to look down on. Today the big story is of who is said to be Britain’s worst serial rapist: an Indonesia homosexual. Instead of locking him up, they should send him back there. They know how to deal with people like that.

  2. Aitch.
    Aitch. says:

    The ‘Guardian’ and the BBC are best visualised, in one’s mind’s eye, as septic tanks, the people who work for them being their contents.

    • Aitch.
      Aitch. says:

      I turned on BBC radio’s one o’clock news today (Tuesday, 7 January) to get the headlines. Some BBC fronthole was interviewing three greaseballs about the Trump murder – Dominic Raab, Jack Straw and Tom Tugendhat. Every one of them is a jew. Following that she had Jon Sopel on, whining about how no ‘people of colour’ or women have won BAFTA awards. Sopel is yet another BBC jew, usually employed to pump out poison from America. According to the Board of Deputies of British jews’ website (, jews constitute 0.5 % of Britain’s population, yet the riddled with them.

  3. Rob Bottom
    Rob Bottom says:

    Isn’t it curious that a white serial rapist would receive 33 consecutive life sentences for his crimes, when brown serial rapists regularly receive less than ten years? In many cases, the Pakistani Muslim child-rape gangs rape as many victims as this McCann did. So why the gulf in sentencing?

  4. RoyAlbrecht
    RoyAlbrecht says:

    Just to add…;

    [mod. comment: No. Your rambling, badly punctuated posts do not improve this site.]

    • James
      James says:

      And yet he is given a platform with a world wide audience and you are confined to TOO. Most here including KM don’t fully understand this.

      The devil gives his power to the best.

    • Dave Bowman
      Dave Bowman says:

      Yes, I’m sure the schoolboy-level “jokes” and insults of a smug, arrogant, narcissistic, money-grubbing, non-white-loving greaseball race-traitor are going to make a colossal and permanent difference to the gross personal and corporate immorality and satanic political evil of the Jewish city of Hollywood.

      Give me a break.

  5. Fenria
    Fenria says:

    Joseph McCann’s usefulness in all this is simply to show white people, hey, you can be criminals too, so don’t complain about the criminality of all these non white immigrants invading your lands. That’s it. That’s all it’s about. That’s why it’s not important to the ruling elite that he’s part of a garbage minority group. His face is white, he fits the bill. He’s a useful piece of propaganda to force white people to “check” themselves. That’s all this is about. His crimes and victims are unimportant to the architects of lib-dem agenda.

    • Carolyn Yeager
      Carolyn Yeager says:

      Isn’t that exactly what is wrong with using the term “White” for identifying who we are? Too many with white skin who are not White in the sense of group interests.

      • moneytalks
        moneytalks says:

        Whites overall probably have the weakest sense of racial identity of all the major — white , yellow , brown , black — races .

    • TWaine Anderson
      TWaine Anderson says:

      This person “McCann” is likely Jewish, like most other racist killers and terrorists; 90% of our ‘lone nuts’ have been identified as JEWISH out of “2%”!“professor+McCann”&client=opera&hs=hp4&source=lnms&tbm=isch&

      Can you say “Red Terror”?!

      They did all this crap in Russia and if more don’t start handing out FLIERS to non-Internet folks, they’ll do it here too!

  6. James
    James says:

    Has nothing to do with their IQ and everything to do with masking their identity. Very few British know Boris Johnson is a Jew, never mind a Donmeh Jew.

    • Yeoman Archer
      Yeoman Archer says:

      @ James
      Thank you for helping me understand the enemy better with your reference to the “Donmeh”
      Looked them up and found them to be the Eastern equivalent to the Marrano, only worse if that could be possible.

    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      Since so few Brits know that B.Johnson is a jew , it is virtually certain that an even smaller percentage of Whites other than Brits know that BJ is a jew ; and even fewer Whites anywhere in the world realize the global financial capitol City of London politics is more important than British Empire politics .

  7. Richard B
    Richard B says:

    “Here at the Occidental Observer we try to honour the scientific tradition and conform our ideology to reality.”

    Possibly the most important sentence ever written, I submit, on what makes us different from the rest and, therefore, on exactly why we’re hated.

    For that reason it’s also arguably the most important sentence TOO has ever published on why we should be proud of ourselves.

    And all healthy pride contains a certain gratitude and humility.
    Which is what makes the pride emanating from the bowels of Jewish Supremacy Inc. & Proxies, so nauseating, ie; because of its annoying arrogance and radical ingratitude.

    But, my next reaction to this inspired and inspiring sentence was,

    “Then please brothers, STOP referring to yourselves as “The Dissident Right.”


    Because ANYTHING Right or Left has its roots in an 18th century Enlightenment ideology that has long since outlived its usefulness.

    I realize that statement requires more explanation than is appropriate in a comment. So, given the context, I’ll simply make the assertion and add the following.

    Since Romanticism was a reaction to the failure of the Enlightenment (a failure to acknowledge its inconsistent, incoherent “logic” and, more importantly, but connected, a failure to make good its claims) and since Romanticism is easily the most significant cultural redirection initiated by any single group of human beings since the Paleolithic Age, one, moreover, for which we possess an adequate historical record from beginning to end*, maybe we should call ourselves The Romantics.

    ANYTHING but Right-wing this or Right-wing that.

    Not because I said so. Of course not.

    But because what I’ve said is part of a larger cultural convergence that is bringing together a diverse group of men and woman committed to living in reality.

    A commitment that requires us to fight the most repellent and obnoxious supremacy in the history of the world (to the extent JSI is successful it will crush and destroy the human spirit; where’s the Pride in that? None, of course. Thereby making that dumb flag THE symbol of hate in the world today. Well, one of them).

    And, by the way, “Diversity” is a Romantic concept, NOT a left-wing political concept.

    JSI has been very adept at hijacking Romantic concepts and perverting them.

    Not understanding Romanticism (at all) those on the Right (who, in my view, should know better) have attacked JSI’s use of those concepts, ideas, and important Romantic figures – out of ignorance of their own cultural history.

    So, continuing to refer to The Dissident Right is a failure of those who identify as such to complete their science.

    Or, more specifically, our science.

    This is no small thing. Since the foundation of modern science – our science – is Romanticism.

    • Richard B
      Richard B says:

      *Romanticism can be explained in a number of ways. The following is an attempt to simplify a complex matter. But one that I think is essential to an understanding of ourselves.

      Romanticism was a reaction to the breakdown of Enlightenment beliefs, both intellectually and socially.

      Intellectually through the Enlightenment’s own internal contridictions.

      Socially, through the invalidity and inviability of Enlightenment values in the failure of The French Revolution.

      The efforts of our Romantic figures can be put variously.

      Intellectually, it was the decision not to create a new belief-system without understanding metaphysical behavior itself.

      Instead of saying, “Our beliefs have failed. What new ones can we create.” The question became, “Why does mankind create beliefs?”

      This helps avoid polarization and leads to transcendence, which is exactly what is needed.

      We need to transcend, to escape, ok, flee as if on fire, the real Swamp, created by the fallout of the Enlightenment.

      There’s no doubt that we need to recognize that the consequences of the failure of the Enlightenment have been and continue to be immense.

      Because when the Enlightenment failed (200+ years ago!) 2,000 years of European explanatory systems collapsed. In short, Explanation itself collapsed.

      THAT is the true source of our dilema today. It’s exactly what has befuddled so many of us, while simultaneously emboldening the predators and parasites in our midst.

      This, with all due respect (and I mean it) explains my objection to the term Dissident. It promotes polarization, and, as I said above, explains the failture of our Dissidents to complete their science and make good their claims, as stated by Mr. Langdon in the sentence I quoted in the above comment.

      Staying stuck in anything Right-wing also keeps these intelligent and talented men from experiencing the fullest and freest expression of their considerable powers. Spiritual powers. Powers that we need in full now more than ever.

      Emotionally, Romanticism is the understanding that our constant search for a sense of value (and identity) are found in the psychological need for human beings to experience the sense of value.

      Socially, Romanticism is about, as G.H. Mead once said, the separation of self from role. That way we could be free to use the roles we must play as a price of admission into society without being victimized by them (as both those on The Right and Left so obviously are. Clueless is a word I would use to describe them both).

      Personally, it’s the acceptance of our alienation from those still mindlessly clinging to beliefs that are intellectually and morally bankrupt and indefensible. It’s also a recognition of alienation as the foundation, or necessary precondition, of any solution to the problem of creating value.

      Finally, regarding Knowledge Theory, it’s a recognition that perception and cognition are under the control of the will, and not anything providential (divine or natural). A recognition that our beliefs are just that, beliefs, not truths (an absurd notion). Beliefs are instrumental, not constitutive (how could they be?), and are determined by interests, culture and language.

      So, I humbly propose, in the spirit of TOO’s mission statement, that it’s intelligent, talented, courageous and inspiring staff of writers and commenters focus their attention on a better understanding of Romanticism as a possible alternative to understanding ourselves while freeing us from our current dilema.

      The Readiness Is All.

      • TJ
        TJ says:

        “. . .it’s intelligent, talented. . .”

        It’s is a contraction of it is. . .its is the possessive. . .

        Sometimes it’s it’s. . .
        Sometimes it’s its. . .

        I’ve found my calling. . .[I’ve, a contraction of I have]

        I shall scour this scourge.

    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      ” … exactly why we’re hated.”

      Because established and powerful religious cults and political cults both are on net continually losing grounds to scientific reality .

  8. Anne
    Anne says:

    In the context of war, rape is a weapon. But there are many ways to wield it.

    This article, and others like it by the indomitable Tobias Langdon, have helped me figure out that the misguided “rape culture” activism I participated in over 25 years ago was part of a larger war strategy.

    Back in the late 80s/early 90s, I was an undergrad at a Canadian university. The leftist Canadian Federation of Students was running a “No Means No” anti-date rape campaign, and naïve young women like myself were putting on popular theatre performances, lecturing our fellow students about “rape culture.” Thanks to hysterical publications like “The Courage to Heal: A Guide for Women Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse,” droves of my feminist counterparts were coming out as “sexual abuse survivors.”

    Far from providing genuine assistance or valuable advice to real rape and sexual abuse victims, the narrative of these campaigns boiled down to this: Men are Evil, and because White Men are the most “privileged” of all men, they are the Most Evil of All Men.

    Time, experience, and articles like this one have cured me of my earlier naiveté. I can now see that the whole point of pushing that ridiculous narrative was a form of psychological warfare: before exposing European women to unprecedented levels of rape by “refugees” as we are seeing now, they first got us to revile the people and institutions who were our best bet at protection: white men in particular, and European-based society in general.

    Thank you, Tobias, for another great article. It’s hard to read this stuff, which makes me appreciate the fact that it must be even harder to research and write it. Please continue.

    • Richard B
      Richard B says:

      Great comment, Anne.

      It was important for me to read that. Because I recently had to go No Contact with family, in part, over this very thing.

      One of the last straws was after an exchange with one of my nieces who is a raging, foam at the mouth, point and sputter SJW.

      An otherwise very intelligent person, it’s clear that at this point, like so many others, she’s not just brainwashed, she’s brainsoiled.

      She might not survive the bottom she’ll have to hit in order to change. Though, of course, that goes for a lot of people, not just her.

      Who knows, in ten, twenty years’ time, she might be contributing articles to TOO. That is, if the culture war is still waging and if we’re all still around then.

      In any event, this one part of your comment really stuck out, because it had a lot to do with my last exchange with my niece.

      “the narrative of these campaigns boiled down to this: Men are Evil, and because White Men are the most “privileged” of all men, they are the Most Evil of All Men.”

      This embarrassing Simple Simon “Logic” of theirs is the intellectual foundation of Dunning-Kruger Nation.

      Which is definitely international and civilizational-wide in scope.

      This is why education has been replaced by indoctrination.

      This pretzel logic was enforced on young, impressionable minds, at a time when they should have been developing the intellectual skills assocaiated with rigorous thinking, consistent reasoning, and cautious judgment.

      But, this is exactly why I remain convinced that, not only will this be their undoing, but that what we’re actually witnessing (though one sometimes has to squint their eyes, so to speak, to see it) is nothing less than

      The Pyrrhic Victory of Jewish Supreamcy Inc.

      Because by incorporating their supremacy and enforcing it on the entire Western world, they are literally eradicating thought itself.

      As long as they are in power no one is allowed to think, except them. And the best of their thinking is limited to the destruction of the culture they long to dominate. Hence the term Pyrrhic Victory.

      This is what lies behind the remark a Jewish professor from Israel once made to me many years ago, “Jews are the smartest and dumbest people at the same time.”

      Because JSI’s rise to power has been in direct proportion to the collapse of the very institutions that power controls.

      Exactly because no one’s allowed to think. Not as long as they’re running the show.

      By obstructing thought people are not allowed to develop full humanity. Only a dog could go on living like that.

      And for what?

      So JSI can enforce its own sick and twisted version of heaven on earth.

      A heaven where no one creates, where no one learns, or innovates.

      Good luck running the social-institutions of a civilization more complex and unpredictable than ever before in the history of the world with a mentality like that.

      No. JSI is unsustainable. And a big part of the reason can be found in the shoddy logic you pointed out in your comment.

      Thanks again.

  9. T.Gilligan
    T.Gilligan says:

    Upon sight of McCann’s facial features and then his name I assumed him to be part of Irish gypo breed, and as I studiously avoid the G’dian like ebola, I take your point on the over-arching Leftist bias from this vile rag.

    Another point you touched upon re. the ‘neo-Bolshevik CPS’ – that would make for an interesting article, as would articles exposing in some depth organisations like The Runnymede Trust and the board of directors of The Guardian, The Scott’s Trust; and the other ‘think’ (hate would a more apt word) tank that work ceaselessly to undermine the English majority. A director of the CPS converted to the religion of peace.

    Essentially, the key posts of the cabinet of the British government are not English and this will have an affect on migration and integration, or the distinct lack of it when it comes to the ‘freedom’ of muslim women to choose to wear a face-veil in the Great Britain of the 21 century, à là Boris Johnson’s Spectator article.

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