Anti-White Attitudes

When Rick Sanchez and Helen Thomas get together…

What do you think they talk about? I’m guessing it’s about how Jews are a poor, oppressed, powerless minority group who have absolutely no say as to what goes in the news industry. (See also Edmund Connelly’s current TOO article “Rick Sanchez on Jewish Media Power.”)

As you probably know, Rick Sanchez got fired from his anchorman job at CNN a day after he gave a radio interview and mocked the idea that that Jews are a poor, oppressed minority group in America, especially considering they pretty much run the news industry. He and the host got off on that subject because Sanchez called Jon Stewart a “bigot” for always making fun of him. See, Sanchez, who’s as white as you and me, was trying to claim victimhood status, apparently being too darned dumb to understand that having a Spanish name doesn’t make you a victim; having brown skin is what makes Hispanics “victims”. Sanchez is about as “Latino” as Christina Aguilera. That was his first mistake. As Steve Sailer so eloquently points out, Victimism is a high stakes, dangerous game, and you’d better know exactly what you’re doing when you sit down to play. Sanchez was clearly in way over his head. He’s like the tourist in Vegas who sees all the excitement at the World Series of Poker, so he plunks down his $10,000 entry fee, and asks “Does the dealer stand on soft 17?”

Sanchez somehow made it to his position on the basis of his perceived “ethnicity” without anyone ever sitting him down and explaining the official rules of Victimism to him. He’s white, and it doesn’t matter that he grew up speaking Spanish in Cuba, and then in Miami after fleeing Cuba, because a white man can never be a victim (unless he’s a homosexual). His second mistake was accusing Jon Stewart of being a bigot. Jon Stewart’s real name is Jon Liebowitz, and people named Liebowitz can never be a victimizer. And they generally don’t take very kindly to being accused of being bigoted or prejudiced. They’ll be the ones calling people racists and bigots, thank you very much.

And his third mistake was not taking the hint from his interviewer on the radio show. Obviously thinking that Sanchez is as dumb as a box of rocks and has no idea he’s wading into dangerous territory, he helpfully points out that Liebowitz/Stewart doesn’t fit the profile of a “bigot”, being an oppressed minority himself. In other words he was saying “Uh, Rick…you’d better cool it man. Jon Stewart can’t be a bigot; he’s not white. He may look white, but he’s actually Jewish, and you are on very dangerous ground here.” I guess he thought Sanchez didn’t realize Stewart is Jewish.

But not only did Sanchez know Stewart’s Jewish, he knew a few other things, too. He said that most of the people who run CNN and the other news networks are just like Stewart, and the idea that Jews are a poor, oppressed minority in this country is absurd.

Of course, it’s lunacy to think Jews run the news industry. Which is why Sanchez was fired almost immediately after saying Jews run the news industry.

Makes sense to me!

It’s funny if you do a Google news search about his firing. Most of the headlines say he was fired for calling Jon Stewart a bigot. Yeah, that’s a good one. And people wonder why no one trusts the news media?

And if you read the reactions from commentators, both left and right, it’s clear they’re terrified of the Jewish control of the news media. Not a one of them, liberal or “conservative”, suggests that what Sanchez said is wrong. They all talk about how “stupid” or “dumb” he is for saying it, not that he’s crazy for believing it. The mainstream “conservatives” are actually mocking him for having the guts to tell the truth. He speaks more truth in 30 seconds than Glenn Beck has in his entire career, and he’s a pariah, and he deserved to get fired because there are some things you just don’t talk about.

That’s modern “conservatism” for you, folks.

Hell, most of these “conservatives” are so terrified of Jewish power that they would freak out if you suggested that Jews run our nation’s synagogues.

Of course, what’s really telling is a story I wrote about some time ago. Joel Stein, a columnist for the Los Angeles Times, wrote a column a while back boasting that Jews control Hollywood, Wall Street, DC, and the news media. Not just boasting about it, but saying that anyone who doesn’t know this fundamental fact of life in America is pretty much an idiot.

Joel Stein can brag that Jews control the news media, Hollywood, Washington and Wall Street, and nobody bats an eye.

Rick Sanchez can simply state that Jews run the news industry, and he’s instantly fired.

That’s because Rick Sanchez is a white man, and Joel Stein is a Jew.

And “conservatives” cheer Sanchez getting fired for saying what everyone knows is true, and which Jews like Joel Stein rub in our faces.

Which is really disgusting. The craven cowardice is simply breathtaking.

Don’t EVER believe a word a mainstream “conservative” says.

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Valiant Swede: Some Good and Bad News from Sweden.

Editor’s note: I noticed that in the comments section of a previous blog there was another very nice comment on the election and the general state of things in Sweden. I have been unable to contact the author, but I am sure he won’t mind if give it a bit more exposure by posting a slightly edited version here.

Valiant Swede: It is not logical to open the door for millions of young Muslim men. Still this is going in all European countries, partly because of Jewish lobbying. The result has been that Jews cannot walk around with religious symbols, in cities like Malmo. In northern Europe Jewish religious clothing was extremely uncommon to see on the streets 30 years ago, but it is even rarer today. The Swedish Jewish community is not blaming ethnic Swedes for this persecution; they blame Muslim youth and partly the left wing communist establishment. In interesting thing is that parts of the media and politicians care less and less for Jewish sensitivities. On the other hand, they do care for the Muslim population, which is growing rapidly. The Social Democratic party did not travel to industrial cities and meet the workers. They traveled to immigrant ghettos, mostly Muslim.

Little more than a week ago, the paleo-conservative and cultural nationalist party “Sweden Democrats” (SD), was elected to parliament. Their main goal is to assimilate all immigrants and reduce immigration by 90 percent. Here in Sweden you are called a “Nazi” if you open your mouth and talk positively of assimilating immigrants. Our elite says that Swedish society must adapt to the immigrant culture and let it flourish alongside our own. But parts of the elite claim that Swedish culture does not exist, rather the Swedish culture is the sum of all the immigrant cultures. Swedish culture is just a social construction …. But on the other hand the same people claim that Kurdish, Islamic and African cultures exist and have distinctive characters.

Today, our elite are the most extreme in Europe when it comes to multiculturalism and mass immigration. All the media (even the state owned) are openly saying that they have a plan to stop the Sweden Democrats from further success. Sweden Democrats got 5.7 percent of the votes and are now a larger party then the Christian Democrats and the party of the left (Socialists). What is more important is that the success of the SD makes is impossible for the center-liberal alliance to rule the country without support from the Green Party (multiculturalists, hippie-liberals and radical Muslims). On other hand, the green-red Alliance (Green Party, Social Democrats and the Left Party) cannot rule the country either without support from Sweden Democrats, and the Center party and the People Party refuse to leave the center-Liberal Alliance. (Which is just called “The Alliance”?)

The election statistics show that if everything continues in the same path next election, the Christian Democrats and Center-Party would get less than four percent and be forced out from the parliament. This would mean that the conservative-liberal Moderate Party would be forced to work together with the Sweden Democrats, or they must give their hand to the Social Democrats and end 100 years of antagonism.

Yesterday, I heard the Sweden Democrats on the state-owned radio. The Sweden Democrat Member of Parliament and spokesman for “Cultural issues” really kicked some liberal butt. His debate partner, the general director for a Swedish-cultural heritage foundation, was in the end saved by the bell when the program ended.

This guy is the head of the largest Swedish cultural preserveation society, and yet he rejected money from the Sweden Democrats, calling them “Nazis” and claiming that Swedish culture does not exist — rather it is the sum of all immigrant cultures. When he was asked by the a Swedish Democrat MP if Kurdish culture exists and if it would be racist for them to preserve it, the General Director could not answer; instead he begun to shout and call this MP a Nazi pig. As always the journalist who moderated the session took the position of the general director.

This is pretty much how the elite debate with the Swedish Democrats. In every debate they take part in, the Sweden Democrats win. Even my very liberal-hippie friends agree with me that the mainstream politicians, journalists, academics and NGO-general directors lose all debates with the Swedish Democrats. Some of them try to say “Oh, how can you say that illegal aliens (who are called “paperless” by the elite) should not be eligible for free education and medical aid.” For most people, they would back down because they do not want to be called “heartless.” But the Sweden Democrats never do this; they never back down. They just smack down all arguments based on “stigmatization,” and they do it well — very well!

The Scandinavian countries (Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland) now all have culturally conservative and nationalist parties in their parliaments. In Denmark the Danish People Party is cooperating with the government and immigration is dropping every year. In Denmark, half of the government with the support of the  Danish Peoples Party, are now talking about abolishing all “hate-speech laws.” A couple of weeks ago, they began to discuss how they can stop all immigration from the Third World. This discussion is actually taking place in the media, and it’s a seriously open debate.

In Norway, the paleo-libertarian Progress Party is the second largest party in parliament and they are now moving to reduce immigration from the Third World. The debate in Norway is much more open and now they discuss even “Race and IQ” in the open. This discussion follows the release of statistics showing that 100 percent of all gang-rapes in Oslo were committed by Muslims and other Third World immigrants.

In Finland, where just 3 percent of the population consists of immigrants, five members of the True Finns were  elected to Parliament in 2007, and politicians of all parties are partly in support of reducing immigration.

Of all European countries Sweden is the worst off, because here the elite is very aggressive and they do not back down, even if they lose votes, power and funding. This is why I think the Swedish Democrats will have 10 percent by the next election in 2014 and 20 percent by the election 2018. Sadly the clock is ticking very fast here.

Our political elite has opened the door for more then 100 000 immigrants per year (mostly from the Third World), and we only have a population of 9 million. Today, 20 percent of the population is immigrants or children of immigrants. Those children of immigrants are now having children, so we have a third generation of immigrants. They have many, many children. There is some natural assimilation among Christian and east-Asian immigrants. But in general, all kinds of “mixed-marriage” are unusual here.

This is partly because immigration is not dispersed over the entire country. It affects the largest cities, Stockholm, Malmo, Gothenburg and Uppsala, and most of our Third World immigrants live in ghetto-suburbs. They are not ghettos in the sense that they look like ghettos, rather the opposite. The state put in billions of kronor to build nice schools, soccer fields, libraries, swimming halls — the good life.

My parents live in an upper-middle-class area 10 km from one of those immigrant ghettos. Children there have nothing like the facilities that you find in the immigrant ghettos. But people here do buy alarms, have double locks, put up gates and surveillance cameras, and they have now a security company that protects their community. This is true in the four largest cities in Sweden. The middle class and young families—those who cannot pay almost one million dollars for a house—move an hour or two outside the cities. In Stockholm they move to the archipelagoes and buy old cabins that they make into a permanent home. This is the only way to escape the cities that now consist of Islands of “the Rich” and Islands of the “poor.”

This social democratic vision is long gone. People vote for more classical liberal policies because they refuse to pay for more social welfare and state-funded genital mutilations for Muslims and Black Africans. White people here keep to their own. The old European immigrants from Italy, Greece, Eastern Block and Spain also see our nation collapsing because of this growing Black-Muslim-Arab population. They (the European immigrants) are now joining the ranks of the Sweden Democrats.

Swedish society is breaking in the middle. The elite celebrated last week with a 4000-person demonstration against “racism,” mostly joined by radical Muslims, Third World immigrants and socialists after the election was over. The demonstration was partly funded by the largest newspapers.

Christopher Donovan: Mental Illness and White Resistance

Blogger Mark Nestmann expresses skepticism about the newly-minted psychiatric diagnosis of “oppositional defiant disorder“, noting that resisting authority isn’t necessarily a sign of mental illness.
Indeed, it’s not.  Opposing authority can be a sign of robust mental health.  Especially if that “authority,” as Whites find it today, is openly antagonistic to Whites’ group concerns and goals.
The expansion of such diagnoses is bad for Whites on several levels.  I have noticed, anecdotally, that those taking a White advocacy position are often dismissed as suffering from mental illness—a major project of the Frankfurt School and widely disseminated by the organized Jewish community.  Beyond the usual tactic of calling your political opponent nuts, the notion of “racism” as mental illness does have professional support. From the Washington Post story:

“They are delusional,” said Alvin F. Poussaint, a professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, who has long advocated such a diagnosis. “They imagine people are going to do all kinds of bad things and hurt them, and feel they have to do something to protect themselves.”

Of course, crime statistics tend to support a view that Blacks will commit crimes against Whites.  I don’t expect Poussaint, who is Black, to be happy about that, which is why he takes the tack he does.

But clearly, an effective way to dispatch your opponent is to simply label him “crazy”, and I am confident that as White advocacy grows stronger, those hostile to Whites will employ this tactic more often.  When racially conscious Whites seek elective office or other positions of power, note how they’re treated.

I also nuture a belief that young boys — often, White — are “diagnosed” as having attention deficit disorder or other mental problems, when the reality is that their behavior is pretty normal.  It just doesn’t fit the current politics, which dictate that boys should be calm, polite and obedient, like girls.  If they’re unruly, give them medication and calm them down.  Bigger picture:  if you want to neuter the fighting instincts of a people you seek to dominate, drug their males into submission. 

Much of the rest of the White race is drugged up with anti-depressants and other mood changers, and I am very skeptical that much of this is needed.  It may not be directly true that our racial enemies are pumping us full of these drugs to dispossess us, but a more appropriately paranoid race of people would at least be on the lookout for such things, and resist.

9/11: Burning Bibles, Burning Qurans and the Victory Monuments at Ground Zero

September 11 has become a milestone in modern America and is both the symbol of the War on Terrorism, the symbol of America attacked, and of the Cordoba Mosque, a symbol of the Muslim triumph over both Spain and the United States. September 11 is a monument to the comprehensive defeat of the Euroepan-American people, the founding people of the United States, a people now dispossessed of every measure of political, cultural, religious, and economic power.

September 11 has become an occasion for Muslims to express their hatred of us in the name of preventing their victimization by “islamophobia”.  Friday night (September 10), on KIRO-TV in Seattle, half a dozen Muslim leaders and Muslim women were interviewed and the main word they had was hate. They were victims of hate, hate, hate. They are liars.

Seattle schools have prayer rooms for Muslims, allow Jewish religious organizations to operate in high schools, and ban Christian groups from meeting after school even in the playing fields. New York schools celebrate Jewish and Muslim holidays and ignore Christian holidays.

Like the manufactured controversy over the Cordoba Mosque, which celebrates both the Muslim conquest of Spain and of… Manhattan, manufactured by oligarchs like Michael Bloomberg (who has backed both the Cordoba Mosque in Manhattan and the burning of Qurans in Florida), the oligarch-controlled mass media gives us Pres. Obama honoring the service of Muslims in American uniforms fighting in Afghanistan: He pointedly honors no one else. (No wonder some Pakistanis are demanding he reveal himself to be a Muslim and declare the World Caliphate.)

Of course, the European-American Christian majority has no right to oppose the building of the Cordoba Mosque, has no right to defend its borders, has no rights to control its neighborhoods, its schools, or its cities; it simply has no rights at all.

There is a very real Clash of Civilizations going on, despite the hopeful Alliance of Civilizations advanced by Spain and Turkey, and Russia and Iran, and shunned by the United States and Israel. The Clash of Civilizations is not just between Christians and Muslims, since the war in Iraq was an Israeli war, fought for Israel by American mercenary armies (in the tradition of the Middle East): With Jewish militants shouting about the rise of Jewish Civilization on the ruins of Christian and Muslim civilizations it seems as if people would realize that at least three civilizations are involved: Christian, Muslim and (still inchoate) Jewish. Of course, in Huntington’s terms (and I do not fully agree with all of his parsing of the world), certainly Iran’s Shiite civilization (which Jews seek to destroy) and India’s Hindu civilization are involved in this Clash…. but the inchoate Tamil civilization has just been defeated and will not rise again for at least a generation.

In Seattle, a Christian priest who works in a foolish interfaith effort with a Jew and a Muslim made a true observation: He said that Islam may not be a religion of peace, but it is no more violent than Christianity or Judaism. This is basically true, since no successful religion refuses to defend itself. But his comment certainly doesn’t apply to contemporary Christianity. For generations Christians have unilaterally disarmed. In the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and western Europe this has coincided with the rise of an intolerant (the term is “zero tolerance”) oligarchic, substantially Jewish ruling class and a class of political syncophants who obey them. That’s why 70% plus of Americans oppose illegal immigration while the Attorney General, in one federal lawsuit after another, is outlawing anything that creates obstacles for the invasion of illegal aliens.

Any democracy in which supermajorities are routinely ignored is no longer a democracy: It is an Oligarchy. The Oligarchs have ruled the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and western Europe for generations to centuries and their control of the mass media ensures that no one even knows their name.

There are several clear indications of the powerlessness of Christian supermajorities in all of our homelands. (The only exceptions are certain states of the former Soviet Union; others, like Georgia, have simply become colonies of Israel.)

  • The failure to rebuild the only place of worship destroyed on 9/11: an Orthodox Church;
  • Oligarch Bloomberg setting Christians and Muslims at each other’s throats by backing both the Cordoba Mosque in New York and the Quran burning in Florida (echoing George Soros’ support for Bosnia and Kosovo, aimed at making conflict between Christians and Muslims in Europe permanent);
  • The burning of Bibles by the US Army to please Muslims in Afghanistan (see Military Burns Unsolicited Bibles Sent to Afghanistan);
  • Routine Bible burning in Israel which has been going on for decades but is ignored in the Christian world because of Zionist influence on the media (see below: Bibliography of Bible Burning in Israel). Neo-cons never mention Israelis burning Bibles, but focus on episodes of Bible burning by Muslims (see below: Muslim Burn Bibles Routinely and Often).

9/11 is an appropriate kind of “Holy Day” for the European-Christian people who built America because the fall of the two towers is a major defeat. Ten years later they remain confused and manipulated, stumbling towards mass graves, through a cloud of smoke from the burning of Bibles by Muslims and Jews. In a brutal three way war, they are leaderless and disarmed. A people whose monuments celebrate only their victories are a childish people.

Like Southern Whites whose history began again with defeat, European-Americans are destined to know defeat. 9/11 has not resulted in most European-Americans realizing the nature of the game that is afoot, and their lack of awareness will allow their rulers to inflict new defeats on them. The defeats will come until we as a people are able to stand up and explicitly advance our own interests: Smashing a country like Iraq as ordered by Israel is no victory for us. It is simply a measure of our slavery.

Burning Qurans in Gainesville, Florida does not help the cause of European Christians.  (I noticed on CBS News today that the sign for the Dove World Outreach Center was smashed by terrorists last night, but no one is concerned by terrorist attacks on Christians.) However, building the Cordoba Mosque at Ground Zero is a lot like the mass colonization of the United States by Somali illegal aliens after the military defeat of the United States by Al-Itihadd Al-Islamiyah in Somalia (the precursor of today’s Al-Shabaab). It is planting the flag of Somali conquest in our cities and of the Arabs at the site of the great Muslim victory in Manhattan.

And we are powerless to do anything to oppose it, so far, even as a multitude of Muslims in the United States seemingly spending every waking hour seeking an excuse to scream: Racist! Islamophobe!

I have often said that the War on Terrorism has two parts: The fun part, where the United States has infinite Chinese money to do anything it wants to do with impunity—smash their cities, slaughter their wedding parties, machine-gun their children, even as Affirmative Action Sub-Prime Mortgages gave millions of houses to minorities and illegal aliens.

And then there is the unfun part, when we lose interest in the war, have no more Chinese money to fight it, are paying $500 million in interest a day to China, and the Muslims begin the same kind of conquest the Somalis have waged against our cities and communities for 15 years.  (Here in Seattle, the Mayor is planning to lay off city workers to meet increased welfare demands by the myriad Somali illegal aliens living free in vast new blocks of public housing.)

My Spanish ancestors fought for 700 years to free Spain of Muslim (and Jewish) rule. In that struggle, the first great Holocaust in history, the mass murder of Mozarabs (Spanish Catholics culturally assimilated by Islam) in Spain was undertaken by Muslims: One third of the Spanish nation was exterminated. (In the last thousand years, only the Qing extermination of the Dzhugarians was more complete.) The reconquest of Spain for Christendom secured it for half a millennium, a period of security that has ended with the collapse of Christendom and the triumph of the ideology of Cultural Marxism known as Multiculturalism, everywhere in the West.

Time is running out for European-Americans, even as their Afrikaner kin in Black South Africa are starving to death in virtual concentration camps in South Africa.

So 9/11, with its planned Israel victory monument at Ground Zero, and the Cordoba Mosque, both to celebrate their respective victories over European-America, are just symbols for a defeated people. The real question is whether European-Americans even want to have a future—even when the alternative offered to European-Americans by the Cultural Marxists is slavery.  Slavery, even with drugs, video games and cable television, will not live up to the hopes of  the many degenerate people craving it. Voluntary Extinction, as advocated by Asian-American terrorist James Lee who attacked the Discovery Channel a few days ago, does not have to be our fate.

Our future lies in what made our ancestors great. Live your life as if you believe in the future and bring your family and friends with you. We only have to be willing to fight for the future of our children.


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James Murray: Arctic Circle Collective—Copkilling Blooms, Tikkun and Post-Matrix Anarcho-Zionism

In the wake of a series of shooting deaths by local police forces in Seattle, Tacoma and the metropolitan region, most clearly justified, but with at least one seemingly something of a tragic mistake, local Anarchist groups are going wild, calling for more copkillings. (This in fact echoes the call of local NAACP Pres. James Bible justifying the killing of “occupying force” cops, in the midst of a copkilling spree that left five local European-American police officers dead at the hands of two Black Supremacists. Of course, the only real racists, the Seattle Police Chief gravely intoned as five of his officers lay dead at the hands of Black Supremacists, are those who think race played a role in the Black Supremacist rampages.)

One rather nasty local anarchist group, the Arctic Circle Collective, simply calls for the massacre of Cops. (see their Seattle Cops Kill; Fuck the Police, and Fuck Calming Down! at, August 31).

I have read through all of the Arctic Circle Collective website and it is clear that this group is Zionist. On their Distro page they have a document called “Bloom Theory”, an ideological statement (41 pages no less, written in an incoherent Situationist/Joycean style) in which they state their goal that every member of the working class should evolve into a Elser/Bloom (Bloom is the main character of Ulysses). Elser/Bloom, to be specific, is Johann Georg Elser, who, the Arctic Circle Collective asserts, is “an exemplary Bloom in every respect”; he was a German Jew who tried to assassinate Hitler in 1939. For Arctic Circle, assassinating Hitler is the decisive act of revolution and anyone killing a cop is both assassinating Hitler and increasing anarchy. In a very real sense, Arctic Circle argues, to live under a [non-Jewish] state is to be, like Elser/Bloom, a Fuhrerssonderhaftling (an exceptional prisoner of the Fuhrer). Of course, as Zionists, by definition, they worship Israel, the Jewish state: This is clear because while anarchist groups are constantly demanding the murder of police everywhere in the world, but no anarchist group ever advocates assassinating Israeli police.

In their manifesto “About Us” they describe anarchism as a fog that obscures and ultimately obliterates the State: It is through the process of killing Hitler again and again that the “fog” of anarchism can be thickened, ultimately creating the worldwide Anarcho-Zionist utopia, a sort of Israeli world empire, the ultimate, final and eternal Tiqqun (they use the French transliteration from Hebrew, Tiqqun, instead of the English transliteration Tikkun). I think calling it “fog” is a kind of in-joke, because one of their overriding operational goals is to conceal the fact that they are Zionists.

Oddly enough, this is essentially the same ideology as that of Neo-Con Christophobe David Frum (George W. Bush’s speechwriter who put the word “Crusade” in Bush’s mouth to describe the Wars for Israel and the phrase “Axis-of-Evil” to designate the enemies of Israel). Frum is obsessed with cop killer Leonard Peltier. Even after Jews have become the ruling class in the United States, their young cannot resist the temptation to play revolutionary, always aware that they will never be faced with the consequences of their racial terrorism.

As the then Acting Chief of Police stated after the murder of Seattle police officer by a self-avowed Black Supremacist, anyone who thinks there is anything to be learned from this act of terrorism is a racist. And in the silence imposed by the Government to protect those who stand behind this terrorism, more police will be murdered.

Christopher Donovan: What Can't The Media Spin Into a Story on 'Hate Groups'?

In Central Pennsylvania recently, a white attorney was shot and killed at a public rifle range, and his customized weapon taken.  Two white men were arrested and charged, and one said he was helping an “unnamed group” that sought to overthrow the government. (See here.)
I was personally amazed that the local newspaper took a whole 24 hours before reaching out the Southern Poverty Law Center — and then didn’t even get a call back.  With all their millions, you’d think they’d have a 24-hour media hotline set up for a quick quote.
The story is depressingly rote, with the reporters following the tight script of American journalism:  any incident involving white men and guns is tied to the KKK, the neo-Nazis and Timothy McVeigh
What if the media took a similar tack with blacks, Hispanics or Jews?
A black man is charged with robbing a white couple.  This comes just days after the NAACP called for America to treat blacks with more fairness.  Experts are convinced the two are related.  ‘When you create an atmosphere of that much hate, that much intolerance, and that much grievance, things like this are bound to happen’, said the expert.  “We even have a black president who said that the civil rights movement didn’t go far enough.  With those kinds of messages coming from the top, whites are just sitting ducks for black violence.” …
Three Hispanics entered the country illegally the other day.  Meanwhile, a supremacist group called ‘La Raza‘ has been loudly agitating for amnesty for illegal aliens.  Experts think there’s a connection, and the potential for violence grows every day. …
Nationally, hate experts have traced the rise of Israel, a supremacist state in the Middle East, to an active network of lobbyists and fundraisers — almost all of them Jewish, and many in the United States. 
Sigh.  I’m not holding my breath.

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James Edwards on Mel Gibson

James Edwards’ current TOO article (“On the crucifixion of Mel Gibson“) emphasizes themes that have been a staple here: Jews adopting very different strategies and attitudes in Israel than in the Diaspora and Jews making alliances with other minorities against the White majority. It reminds us once again that, unlike the old WASP elite, the new elite in America will not be principled.

Ari Emanuel is horrified that Gibson would use the N-word but he comes from a long line of racial Zionists–followers of Vladimir Jabotinsky who believed that Jews were shaped by their long history as a desert people and that the establishment of Israel as a Jewish state would allow the natural genius of the Jewish race to flourish. For example Jabotinsky stated, “These natural and fundamental distinctions embedded in the race are impossible to eradicate, and are continually being nurtured by the differences in soil and climate.” As Geoffrey Wheatcroft recently pointed out, at the present time Israel “is governed by [Jabotinsky’s] conscious heirs.” On the other hand, as soon as they move to the US, the family adopts the leftist, pro-multicultural, anti-White attitudes typical of American Jews. His mother was a civil rights worker in the US, and of course his brother Rahm Emanuel is a major power in the Obama administration and its left-leaning multicultural, anti-White agenda. Edwards shows that Emanuel’s talent agency also represents several White-hating rappers. Of course, Jews have their own grudges against the people and culture of the West, epitomized by the hostility toward Gibson’s The Passion of Christ.

It’s only common sense for Whites to fear an America in which they are a minority with a hostile Jewish elite that has made an alliance with Blacks and other minorities with their own historical grudges.

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