Anti-White Attitudes

Jews, Communists and Genocidal Hate in “Whiteness Studies”

“Make no mistake about it: we intend to keep bashing the dead white males, and the live ones, and the females too, until the social construct known as ‘the white race’ is destroyed—not ‘deconstructed’ but destroyed

Race Traitor

As a general rule, you can be fairly certain that any academic discipline that contains the word ‘studies’ within its title can be immediately dismissed on an intellectual level as involving very little studying and a great deal of leftist indoctrination. The relatively new discipline of ‘Whiteness Studies,’ however, is vastly more toxic than the average contemporary effusions of the bloated academic corpus. Indeed, its productions should be seen as nothing less than incitement to the genocide of our people. While many great thinkers in our ranks have explored and exposed the more subversive attempts to shape the ‘ways of seeing’ that continue to lead our people to extinction, I think some light should also be shed on the open, explicit, and unashamed hatred that seethes within this academic discipline. The hateful creed that motivates the new discipline’s leading ‘thinkers’ is shocking and yet somehow predictable in equal measure. Behind its ideological foundations we find phrases, traits, patterns and strategies that are sadly all-too-familiar to us. We are forced to acknowledge once more the pitiless ethnic warfare that is being waged upon us, and the enlistment of our own people in a suicidal crusade. Read more

Anti-White Privilege: The Case of Aeman Ansari

Huffington Post recently posted an article titled “Ethnic Minorities Deserve Safe Spaces Without White People” by Aeman Ansari. The article is in response to two first-year journalism students being turned away from an event organized by Racialised Students’ Collective because they were White. A quick Google search turned up RSC’s website with the following info:

“Racialised Students’ Collective opposes all forms of racism and work towards community wellness for students. Through education, campus and community organizing, and our commitment to struggle across differences, we seek to responsible [sic] reflect, represent and serve racialized students,” with their mission statement being, “To create and [sic] anti-racist climate on campus that will foster a healthy and rich working and learning environment for all.”

The RSC is a part of the Student Union at Toronto’s Ryerson University. When RSU coordinator Vajdaan Tanveer was contacted via phone about the incident, he responded by saying, “We don’t want (racialized) students to feel intimidated, that they can’t speak their mind because they are afraid of being judged or something they say might be used against them.”

A couple quick thoughts come to mind: 1) it’s another example validating the meme, “Anti-Racist is just a code word for Anti-White”; 2) White students are expelled from school and make National headlines for chanting a racially insensitive song while Student Union groups can openly discriminate against White students without consequence (beyond getting an ambitious student journalist’s op-ed published on a major internet site) and with limited publicity; 3) hypocrisy always has an agenda (usually hatred and/or ignorance).

Being a “person of colour” is central to Ansari’s world view:

Marginalized groups have a right to claim spaces in the public realm where they can share stories about the discrimination they have faced without judgment and intrusion from anyone else.

I am a person of colour and a journalist and so there are two conflicting voices inside my head. But in this case one voice, that of a person of colour, is louder and my conscience does not allow me to be impartial. I have to take a side.

Ansari’s choice between speaking on behalf of the best interest of her “colour” (whatever that is; see photos below) or standing up for normal professional standards is definitely a privilege unavailable to Whites of any occupation. Speaking with a White voice in pretty much any occupation has an entirely predictable result: unemployment.

But just what colour is Ms. Ansari? The two photos accompanying the article are very different in terms of skin color and perhaps nose shape.


Unless the darker woman is intended to be a generic “woman of colour” and not the author (which seems odd on the face of it), we seem to have a situation where someone of South Asian descent wants to appear as dark as possible in order to increase her claim to victimhood. After all, South Asians have unfashionably light skin tones which must be downplayed in order to advance one’s career as a professional victim.

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Martha Stewart and the Ferguson Lynch Mob

The New York Times states:

They were four words that became the national rallying cry of a new civil rights movement: “Hands up, don’t shoot.”

The slogan was embraced by members of Congress, recording artists and football players with the St. Louis Rams.

It inspired posters and songs, T-shirts and new advocacy groups, a powerful distillation of simmering anger over police violence and racial injustice in Ferguson and beyond.

But in its final report this week clearing the police officer, Darren Wilson, of civil rights violations in Mr. Brown’s death, the Justice Department said it may not have happened that way. Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. cast doubt on the “hands up” account even as he described Ferguson as having a racially biased police department and justice system. (March 4, 2015: Ferguson Report Puts ‘Hands Up’ To Reality Test)

It is worth correcting from the get-go the statement that “it may not have happened that way.”

The spin doctors of the New York Times are clever but cleverness doesn’t make it so.  It did not happen that way. It isn’t a case that it may not have happened that way.

As journalists, Mr. & Ms. New York Times reporters, let’s try to speak plainly and in accordance with the facts.  It may be painful for the Times and its journalists with their agendas so firmly in place.  But it is the right thing to do.

The Times goes on to blandly quote the co-chair of and outfit calling itself “The Don’t Shoot Coalition” a Black person named Michael T. McPhearson:

“To me, he had his hands up,” said Michael T. McPhearson, co-chairman of the Don’t Shoot Coalition in St. Louis. “It doesn’t change it for me.”

Isn’t that nice?  The facts don’t matter to Mr. McPhearson.  He has the right to choose his own facts:  “to me” he had his hands up…” Read more

Frank Salter on Race and Nation in Australia

salter war

Frank Salter has published a collection of essays titled The War on Human Nature in Australia’s Political Culture, reviewed favorably by John Derbyshire at It consists of six essays, five of which previously appeared in Quadrant, an Australian political magazine. Below is an essay I wrote on two of the three essays that deal with the national question when they originally appeared. (Derbyshire labels these three essays “the real meat of the book.”)  Derbyshire notes the following about the Salter’s essay on libertarian immigration enthusiasts which hadn’t appeared when I wrote my commentary:

Salter tosses and gores Australia’s little—but influential and dismayingly respectable—clique of open-borders libertarians, using arguments that will be familiar to readers. He rounds off the essay with some blunt facts.

The only population difference between the immigration levels adopted by succeeding governments over recent decades and open borders is the date at which the country becomes overcrowded. In addition ethnic stratification is growing. Most Aboriginal Australians remain an economic underclass and some immigrant communities show high levels of long-term unemployment. Anglo Australians, still about 70 percent of the population, are presently being displaced disproportionately in the professions and in senior managerial positions by Asian immigrants and their children.

The solution, he believes, is to break the stranglehold of ideology on university departments of humanities and social sciences.

Lots of luck with that.

My essay, originally posted on January 24, 2013:

Readers of TOO are familiar with Dr. Frank Salter’s work on ethnic genetic interests and his critique of multiculturalism. Now he has a series of articles in Quadrant exploring the decline of biological perspectives in the social sciences and concluding with two articles dealing with race and nation.  These articles are brilliant analyses of the plight of White majorities in all Western countries as they attempt to cope with displacement-level immigration and with sweeping changes in national identity and culture. Salter’s analysis focuses mainly on Australia, but it’s clear that his analysis applies to all Western countries. His attempt is not to chart the causes of this sea change, but to describe the changes by presenting a realistic analysis in terms of ethnic interests of all groups, including Whites, and emphasizing the costs to the White majority. Although Salter does not mention Jewish issues, his analysis is entirely compatible with the decisive role of the Jewish left in Australia specifically and in the wider culture of the West. For an in-depth analysis of the Jewish role in promoting non-White immigration and multiculturalism in Australia, see Brenton Sanderson‘s important essay, “The War on White Australia: A Case Study in the Culture of Critique.”

In “The War on Human Nature, III: Race and Nation in the Media” Salter notes that in the course of the twentieth century, the left shifted from attempting to improve the lives of people within particular societies to an internationalist focus. “From before the Bolshevik coup of 1917, cosmopolitans have fought against beliefs that would bolster Western identity and confidence.” He emphasizes the role of Franz Boas in altering the landscape of the social sciences in opposition to Darwinism and biology. (Boas is discussed in The Culture of Critique as motivated by his Jewish identity and antipathy to the people and culture of the  West.) The long-term result has been the dominance of “intolerant utopianism of multiculturalism, revolutionary levels of immigration, and censorship of free speech on the subject.”

As an evolutionist, Salter is aware that the policy of non-White immigration has huge genetic costs to the host population. What is remarkable is that this assault  “is occurring at the invitation of Western elites, often contrary to public opinion. The process is epochal whether viewed through zoological, national or democratic eyes.” He is well aware that ethnic consciousness should be seen as normal for all peoples, not just the peoples who are now inundating Western societies. “Not only racism but pro-social values of ethnic and national community have an innate basis. And if minority ethnic consciousness is normal, so is the majority equivalent.” Read more

Anti-White Hatred Is Mainstream in the Media and the Schools

A while ago I commented on Lee Siegel’s horror about Mitt Romney being so egregiously White. I mean, his whole family is White; and there are lots of children. And they’re rich and good-looking. A veritable nightmare for a card carrying member of the hostile elite.

NYTimes caption from Siegel's blog: Mitt Romney, a Republican presidential candidate, with his extended family in 2007.

Now  another well-connected member of the hostile elite, Michael Tomasky, continues the theme.  According to Tomasky, Romney may try all he wants. He can choose a Latino VP candidate (likely to be Marco Rubio who, as Pat Buchanan phrases it, recently “took his final vows as the newest neoconservative”). He can change his tune on immigration. But he can’t overcome his fatal disability: “Romney is just sooooo white. Even whiter than the Osmonds.”

Whiter than the Osmonds!! The horror!

The Osmonds

Not only is Romney disgustingly White, Tomasky also accuses him of never having listened to Tito Puente. And then the clincher: “Has he ever known a Latino person, outside of those who clean his houses and trim his lawns? It’s quite possible that he does. But he sure doesn’t look like he does.”

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Judge Roy Moore says he does not share the views of James Edwards in newspaper interview

Many of you will remember Alabama Judge Roy Moore for his righteous defense of the displaying of the Ten Commandments in his courtroom a few years ago. Judge Moore is now running for Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court.

As it turns out, a former guest of The Political Cesspool Radio Program has contributed to his campaign and we all know what that must mean!

Yep, Judge Moore must be a “racist!”

The Montgomery Advertiser, which is the daily fish wrap of Montgomery, Alabama, has turned this “connection” into a major story.

Nearly two-thirds of Roy Moore’s funding in his race for chief justice has come from a Maryland-based attorney who has affiliations with extremist groups, including a Killen-based organization that advocates secession from the union and has been called “explicitly racist” by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Michael Peroutka has contributed $50,000 to the Moore campaign over the past two months, making up the vast majority of the $78,000 that the former chief justice received through Dec. 31.

Moore said during a Thursday interview that the money came from Peroutka and his brother. The former chief justice also said he was not aware of Peroutka’s affiliation with the League of the South, a group advocating secession, or of his appearance on The Political Cesspool, a Memphis, Tenn.-based radio program that advocates white nationalism. … Read more

Report From Occupied America: Jared Taylor’s Open Letter to Alexandra Wallace

Like Alexandra Wallace’s video on Asians at UCLA, Jared Taylor’s article on the fallout should go viral. Here I post the first part of’s version of Taylor’s article with a link to the rest. Kevin M

Dear Miss Wallace,

Welcome to fame you never wanted.

By my count, since you posted your YouTube video about Asians at UCLA on March 11—10 days ago—some six million people have watched it. You took it down two days later, but it went viral anyway. There are now scores of “replies” and “parodies” on YouTube, most of them vile, many of them obscene.

National newspapers have held you up to ridicule, and UCLA’s vice chancellor for student affairs Janina Montero[Email hersays she is appalled and offended. After a week of enduring what you say were “the harassment of my family, the publishing of my personal information, death threats and being ostracized from an entire community,” you have decided to drop out of UCLA. [UCLA student who made controversial video says she’ll leave school | L.A. NOW | Los Angeles Time, March 18, 2011] [Rest of article.]