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Christopher Donovan: Law School: White Advocates Might Just Apply

Christopher Donovan: The legal job market is awful.  Even when it’s not, the promise of fulfilling and plentiful $100K+ jobs is a lie.  Law school creates huge debts (often on top of college debt) that can’t be paid down easily by most lawyers, who sometimes earn less than the police officers they work with in criminal law or the accountants they work with in civil law.

By now — exacerbated by the economic slump — everyone’s on to this as you can see from this article in the Wall Street Journal.

On a personal note, I can vouch for all this.  I went to a modestly-ranked law school in New York City and graduated cum laude, but this was nowhere near enough to land an associate position at the likes of Sullivan & Cromwell — or even many lesser firms.  And it seems that no matter what you end up doing — transactional work at a big firm, insurance defense or Legal Aid — it’s going to be mind-numbing, repetitive, unglamorous work, with pay that’s better than journalism (my earlier career) but still not always so impressive.

But going to law school, for me, wasn’t all about the possibility of getting rich.  Part of my motivation was the anti-White discrimination I’d experienced in my life, and the dawning realization that Whites as a group were getting pretty unfair treatment.  Thus far, being a lawyer has paid some dividends, and I hope it pays more.  Even if you never take up the White cause as a lawyer, understanding the law gives one a great advantage in a society that’s become ripped apart by multiracialism and turns to lawyers for every little thing.  In simply blogging about the issues, I write from a stronger position than someone unfamiliar with the working of American law.

For college-age White advocates out there, consider law school.  Jews through the years have correctly recognized that the legal arena is a great place to advance your cause, and they have done so with undeniable success (and have caused undeniable harm to us).  Whites should take note.

Christopher Donovan is the pen name of an attorney and former journalist. Email him.

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Mark Potok and Terry Gross: Two Well-Funded Jewish Supremacists Discuss ‘Extremism’

“Fresh Air”, the NPR program hosted by Terry Gross (see past criticism here), last week gave its platform to one of America’s foremost haters of whites, the SPLC’s Mark Potok.  (Listen to the show here.  Note that in the copious comments, not everyone’s a blind worshipper of the SPLC.)  Needless to say, Gross, a liberal Jewish woman, never once disagreed with Potok, or even asked a semi-skeptical question (Potok apparently had a Jewish father and leads a life perfectly consistent with Jewish aims).  The entire program was a love-fest between two powerful figures who act in mutually reinforcing ways:  The SPLC provides “news” for NPR to report, and NPR, by quoting the SPLC, confers upon it the status of “respected civil rights group.”

A hundred points could be made:  Gross and Potok ignore the evidence of violence and threats of violence from the left (including the cancellation of American Renaissance), they paint with a broad brush everything to the right of Mao as “extremism”, and of course never delve into whether any particular frustrations are justified.  Toweringly, the same reduction of a movement or people to nasty names is exactly what the SPLC is practicing itself.  If it’s “extreme” to say Obama is a “socialist”, isn’t it just as “extreme” to say that tea partiers are “racist”?  But any conservative might make such observations.

An equally important point is that Gross and Potok are strongly identified with secular Jewish lifestyles and political aims.  Both NPR and the SPLC are as important to Jews as the Temple Mount. When they both report for work in the morning, their desks are essentially cockpits of jet fighters that rain down hostile fire on Whites, and Jews are as happy to fund NPR and the SPLC as they are Birthright Israel.

Potok is right on one point:  the “rage on the right” is indeed largely driven by White frustration, something the “tea party” set won’t admit.  But here’s a suggestion for the tea partiers:  Frustration is in fact the source of your anger, and there’s nothing wrong with that anger.  You, as a White person, have every right to be angry about a Black president who wants a health care program that forces you to subsidize non-whites.  They’re going to call you a racist anyway — so you might as well be honest, right?

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Christopher Donovan is the pen name of an attorney and former journalist. Email him.

Christopher Donovan: Attention, NRA Members: It Isn't Just 'Liberals' Out For Your Guns

Christopher Donovan:  I receive “American Hunter”, a monthly publication of the NRA (along with “American Rifleman”, which is much of the same editorial material).  Its political writer is one Chris W. Cox, executive director of the NRA’s lobbying arm.  Cox does a pretty thorough job of reporting the details of anti-gun efforts in the United States, and his most recent target is Michael Bloomberg, mayor of New York City.  I can’t seem to find a web version (send me an e-mail if you find a link), but the special report in the April 2010 issue is headlined “Bloomberg to Obama:  Take ‘Federal Action’ on Guns”.  He emphasizes that Bloomberg is putting his own enormous wealth behind the agenda for firearm restrictions.

Nowhere, of course, does Cox mention that Bloomberg (or Frank Lautenberg, or Frank Luntz, or any of his allies) is Jewish.  (Amusingly, the illustration in “American Rifleman” shows a puppetmaster Bloomberg pulling the strings on various federal officials — the puppetmaster is a recurring illustrative theme of Jewish power.)  But the ethnic motivations here are too overwhelming not to mention.  Bloomberg, like many Jews, views guns as the nasty tools wielded by potentially anti-Semitic whites, who must be divested of this irrational vestige of white power.  That’s what makes him a “man possessed”, as Cox puts it.

Meanwhile, I attribute much of the force behind the gun rights movement to implicit whiteness.  Conservative, male and/or rural whites have had pretty much everything else stripped away from them, and hanging on to guns is a way for them to channel frustration and “make a last stand.”  So far, it’s worked.  A white man can be as full-throated as he wants on the gun issue, and nobody can call him a “racist.”

I don’t really see any other explanation.  The truth is that guns are inanimate objects, and I don’t see much danger of hunting rifles being banned.  In an all-white society, some sort of restriction on firearms probably wouldn’t be seen as controversial.  There would not, for instance, be the need for a handgun in case a black home invader broke in.

It’s the race issue that motivates the gun issue.  The racial and ethnic conflicts that we aren’t allowed to hash out directly are instead channeled into a proxy war:  rich and powerful Jews on the one side, conservative whites on the other.  We need more whites to understand this.

Christopher Donovan is the pen name of an attorney and former journalist. Email him.

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Totenberg On the Bench, Totenberg on NPR, Totenberg Everywhere

From the Self-Perpetuating Jewish Power Circle Dept. comes the recent news that Amy Totenberg, sister of NPR legal reporter Nina Totenberg, has been nominated to the federal bench by President Obama.

This nomination reflects a well-established trend of powerful Jews, often related to each other by blood or acquaintance, being elevated to incredibly powerful positions in our society that can then be leveraged to keep the other positions protected or elevated.

Nina Totenberg, for instance — in addition to her already heavy liberal, anti-white bias — is now in a position to report positively on her sister (not likely, as that would be too obvious), fail to report negatively on her sister (a guarantee), and generally put a spin on legal coverage that reflects her sister’s likes and dislikes (very likely).

Amy Totenberg, meanwhile, would be in a position to issue rulings that track the bias of her sister’s liberal views.

The two of them together could operate like that two-man hand-crank train car you see in the cartoons.

Did I mention that Ruth Bader Ginsburg officiated at Nina Totenberg’s wedding?

The entire thing makes me sick to my stomach.

One, the same power-grabbing by White gentiles would described by Jews as an example of “the good ole boys’ network”, “institutional racism” or “the white power elite.”  Practiced by Jews, it goes unremarked.  No, make that “uncommentable”, because anyone pointing to it will be branded an awful racist.

Two, unlike high-level nepotism by Whites, the Jewish variety works in a hundred different ways against whites.  Their clear trend, with rare exceptions, is toward policies and media messages that are harmful to white interests.

The Totenberg sisters are not going to be addressing in any positive way the injustices facing whites.  Instead, we can expect them to be working overtime to perpetuate those injustices.

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Christopher Donovan is the pen name of an attorney and former journalist. Email him.

Christopher Donovan: NPR Stumbles on Racial Truth of Mortgage Meltdown

Christopher Donovan:  Before it slips too far into my rear-view mirror, I have to post about an NPR report I heard on the way to work last week about the mortgage meltdown.  The reporter focused on a single block in California and interviewed residents Anita Sandoval, Brenda Moore, and William and Laura Betts.  The story I link to doesn’t mention it, but if you listen to the broadcast, it’s obvious that Sandoval is Hispanic, Moore is black, and the Betts are white.

Unwittingly, I’m sure, the reporter captured the racial specifics of the mortgage meltdown in microcosm.  Sandoval, the Hispanic, simply stopped making payments on her mortgage. Moore, the black woman, refinanced eight times, and now owes $300,000.  The Betts were the lone examples of responsible financial behavior:   they now own their home, though the rollercoaster of appreciation and depreciation left them with an unimpressive gain in equity.

Such are the impoverishments for whites who live in the multiracial society:  The responsible, hard-working Betts are, in many ways, underwriting the irresponsibility of the Sandovals and the Moores through higher interest rates and probably other ways I’m not aware of.

Particularly striking was the short time-horizon view of Moore, the black woman:  “I look at it this way:  You’re sitting on a bank, so if you can use it, use it because you can’t take it with you, so enjoy it while you can.”

Contrast this with the frugality of the Betts, who would send in 10 extra dollars with each mortgage payment.

And, of course, Moore’s understanding of finance is incorrect:  she’s not sitting on a source of free money, she’s sitting on an asset that can secure a loan — but a loan that either has to be paid back or foreclosed and the house taken away.

Here’s a financial think-tank of the liberal persuasion admitting that blacks and Hispanics have shorter time-horizons than whites.

How many whites understand that what’s often characterized as a “crazy and unpredictable” economy has some forbidden explanations?

Christopher Donovan is the pen name of an attorney and former journalist. Email him.

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Christopher Donovan: The Black Supremacist Mayor of Harrisburg — And Her Obedient House Press

Christopher Donovan:  Harrisburg, Pennsylvania recently elected a bizarre black woman named Linda Thompson as its mayor.  The subtext of her campaign — and now, it appears, her governance — is as follows:  “Harrisburg had a white mayor for years.  I’m black.  The population of Harrisburg is majority black.  So, put me in there.  I’ll kick out the whites and replace them with blacks.”  It was never clear to me that she was about much else.

Thompson typifies erratic black behavior:  she skated by for years as head of a non-profit group called “Loveship, Inc.” that gave her interest-free loans, collected unemployment benefits but drove a Mercedes-Benz, filed a lawsuit against a gas station after spraying herself with gas at what she alleged was a defective pump, and claimed that God had annointed her mayor.  In office, she’s sweeping out the whites and replacing them with blacks, including the new police chief.

The local paper, the Patriot-News, dutifully reports some of this weirdness, despite being a typically pro-black, politically correct city newspaper.  In all its campaign coverage, it never got to the racial heart of her campaign against Stephen Reed, her white predecessor and a fellow Democrat, and Nevin Mindlin, the politically correct Jewish “Republican” who stepped in to oppose her in the general election.  Bloggers were a little bolder, including one who coined the phrase “Zimbabwe on the Susquehanna.”

None of this is really news — racist black mayors have been ruining American cities for years now by driving out business and tax-paying white residents, letting crime run rampant, and doling out goodies to their black friends.  Zimbabwe on the Susquehanna, indeed.  It’s what happens when the “racial molecular atmospherics” of a city go from white to black.

But I had to chuckle at this story in the Patriot-News, in which Thompson, in the midst of thundering against whitey at a black church across the river, rips the paper itself.  The paper then takes the highly unusual (and disfavored by professional journalists) step of quoting its Jewish honcho, David Newhouse:  

We share Mayor Thompson’s belief in the power of both education and economic opportunity, as well as the importance of an inclusive society,” said Patriot-News executive editor David Newhouse. “Despite her unhappiness with our reporting, we are strongly committed to being a partner with the black community, in Harrisburg and throughout the midstate, in these crucial goals.

Chew on that one for a second.  The response to a bat-shit crazy black mayor’s uninformed ranting is that the newspaper is “strongly committed to being a partner with the black community.”  I might innocently ask if the paper is committed to simply telling the truth, but today’s “mainstream” — and strongly Jewish — media works overtime to bury the truth.  My only comfort is that most people, particularly whites, do understand this much.

Christopher Donovan is the pen name of an attorney and former journalist. Email him.

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Christopher Donovan: Secular Right on the AmRen Shutdown

Christopher Donovan:  Over at Secular Right, the blog for religion-averse conservatives, “Bradlaugh” has weighed in on the outrage that was the threat-driven shutdown of the American Renaissance conference.  “Bradlaugh” sings the praises of Jared Taylor but decries the “anti-semitism” of some conference attendees.  I guess even under a pen name, you’ve got to watch out for Big Jew.

It’s still a good post.  I haven’t scanned the 78 (when I checked last) comments, but if any TOO readers feel inclined to throw in, go right ahead.  Are we winning?

Though I drag my sorry sinner’s rear into random churches on the odd Sunday with my daughter in tow, I have the same sympathy for the Secular Right ethos as I did libertarianism back in college.  It’s got a nicely rational line-up of ideas and tends to attract whip-smart figures like Heather MacDonald, John Derbyshire and Walter Olson.  The secular right crowd shows a strength of mind that reminds me of, well, race realists and white advocates.

But like Christian conservatives, secular conservatives will never get anywhere near the society they envision because they ignore the fundamental issues of racial difference and ethnic competition.

Christopher Donovan is the pen name of an attorney and former journalist. Email him.