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Harold Bloom (1930–2019): Unconventional Jewish Guru

“The defense of the Western canon is in no way a defense of the West or a nationalist enterprise. If multiculturalism meant Cervantes, who could quarrel with it?” Harold Bloom, The Western Canon It’s been remarked that in the last two decades of his life, the infamous Yale literary critic Harold Bloom was sufficiently preoccupied […]


Self-Deception and Guruism among Jews

Life is really easy if you are in the business of refuting “anti-Semites” in the Mainstream Media. There is a ridiculously low standard for arguments and an easy confidence that contrary voices will not be heard. Bret Stephens of the Wall Street Journal has a predictably vacuous column on the comments of Karel De Gucht–a […]


Neocons, Ukraine, Russia, and the Western Struggle for Global Hegemony

Part of this was originally posted in 2014 but remains relevant, with some updates/elaborations, as noted.  Philip Giraldi has a nice column on the continuing power of the neocons, particularly in the Ukraine situation (“Diplomacy is a Four-Letter Word“). The vitriol unloaded on Russia since the rise of Vladimir Putin and most recently to ridicule […]


Freedom-Fighters for Tyranny!: How “Race-Blind” Libertarianism Is an Ally of Race-Obsessed Wokism

“The left can be divided into three groups: the stupid, the deluded and the evil.” That’s the best summary of left-wing politics that I know. The only difficulty can be in deciding who on the left belongs where. For example, Hillary Clinton and Merrick Garland are clearly evil. But is the former Labour leader Jeremy […]


How the University Sector Promotes the “White Insurrection” Concept

The January 6th event in Washington, D.C. continues to be systematically promoted as domestic terror, but also as “White insurrection,” and “White Supremacy.”  The three words—supremacy, terror, and insurrection—have been turned into a triad memetic, where supremacy represents terror, and terror leads to insurrection.  They are self-reinforcing and self-perpetuating concepts that can be applied in […]


A teoria crítica da raça: uma arma do arsenal intelectual judeu

Não se enganem sobre isto: nós continuaremos a atacar os homens brancos, os vivos e os mortos, e também as mulheres brancas, até que o constructo social chamado de “raça branca” seja destruído ― não “desconstruído”, mas destruído. (NOEL IGNATIEV. In: Race Traitor) A promoção dos “Estudos da Branquidade” deve ser percebida como nada menos […]