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Bend It Like Bennett: Genuflecting to Jewish Power

The gang of four are down to two. I want to look at one of the two survivors: the playwright Alan Bennett (born 1934). In the 1960s, with Peter Cook, Dudley Moore and Jonathan Miller, he enjoyed enormous success with the satirical show Beyond the Fringe on both sides of the Atlantic. One of their […]

Sándor Petőfi: “The Magyar Noble,” Original and Updated in Light of the NPI Suppression in Budapest

By Sándor Petőfi  THE MAGYAR NOBLE. A MAGYAR NEMES. The sword which once my fathers bore, Hangs on the wall and gleams no more, Rust covers it instead of gore. I am a Magyar noble. I never work and never will, The thought of labor makes me ill. Peasant, ‘t is thou the earth must till. […]

Psychopathology and Racial Self-Hate among Whites

A prominent feature of the Frankfurt School was the ideology that ethnocentrism among Whites (but not Jews) was a psychopathology. This weapon was taken up by the organized Jewish community which claimed that pro-White and anti-Jewish attitudes were literally public health problems and popularized  phrases like “virulent anti-Semitism,” analogizing anti-Jewish attitudes to the spread of […]

The Camp of the Saints Invasion: Empathy for Helpless Children Versus Racial/Ethnic Interests

One of the main reasons for unplugging myself from cable TV is that I wouldn’t have to watch displays like Kirsten Powers on the O’Reilly Factor (6/17) discussing the Camp of the Saints invasion across the U.S. southern border. Wikipedia says that Powers is a serious Christian: In her mid-30s, she became an evangelical Christian. The process […]

Doreen and Karen – a tale of two mothers

The elevation of Mrs Doreen Lawrence to Britain’s highest parliamentary chamber, the House of Lords, should come as no surprise to seasoned observers of the British political elite. For as the mother of arguably the most important murder victim in modern British history, she occupies a special place in the political firmament somewhere beside Bob […]

Narcissism and Nihilism: How Liberals Destroy Themselves

Narcissists need mirrors. This simple truth is central to an understanding of liberalism. Liberals don’t look at the world to understand it. Instead, they look for chances to feed their vanity and parade their moral purity. Earlier this year, there were riots by Muslims in the Parisian suburb of Trappes: The Versailles state prosecutor said […]

Are Whites Pathological? Yes and No: Part 2

Go to Part One. Part one of this writing examined the status of White people from an individualistic, in contrast to an aggregate, perspective.  Part two explores the implications of that analysis and depends on the reader’s familiarity with the material in part one. White analysis, advocacy, and action need to be grounded in the […]

Are Whites Pathological? Yes and No: Part 1

Kevin MacDonald recently noted,  “Whatever blame for our situation that we [Whites] place on others, the bottom line is that we are allowing the unfolding disaster to happen.  It is unprecedented for a civilization to voluntarily cede political and cultural hegemony to others, particularly when so many of these people harbor hatreds and resentments toward […]

Damning Indictment: Lying Liberals and Liberal Lies

So okay: Britain’s got rape-gangs. This is not so good from the feminist point of view. But look on the bright side: the ludicrous excuses about the rape-gangs are being made by powerful women. In “The Blessings of Diversity”, I looked at the weasel words of the glass-ceiling-smashers: Sue Berelowitz, Joanna Simons and Laura Johnston. […]

Learning from Birdman

I teach a course on sport in society in a university, which has brought me close to the culture of sport, its values, its ways.   Examining the workings of the sports realm has helped me acquire what could be termed an anthropological, or sociological, perspective on how the rest of American life goes about its […]

Psychological Mechanisms of White Dispossession

I discuss three mechanisms basic to the psychology of White dispossession — runaway displays of White guilt and abasement, social learning, and being a member of a moral ingroup. Self-interest is often front and center, or at least in the background. For example, it’s pretty clear that many if not most Whites who make effusive declarations of allegiance to […]

The Fairness of Whites as a Critical Weakness

Editor’s note: This is a comment on Colin Liddell’s Plasmagoord and the Sigma Signals. Here is the essence of what I feel is the primary weakness that has somehow been implanted within the genetic makeup of White European people. This foolish idea that seems to exist within the vast majority of our people’s minds – our […]

Plaasmoord and the Sigma Signals

Recently a low-budget piece of cinematic schlock had a vast swath of the world’s population foaming at the mouth, simply because it represented a slight upon their religiously-based identity. Compare this with the almost blanket indifference that has greeted another small film, this one touching on a campaign of genocidal murder against another group As […]

White Pathology: Special issue of The Occidental Quarterly

There will be a special issue on White pathology for the Spring issue of The Occidental Quarterly. Deadline will be January 15, 2013. Whatever blame for our situation that we place on others, the bottom line is that we are allowing the unfolding disaster to happen. It is unprecedented for a civilization to voluntarily cede political […]

Dealing with the Holocaust

1. White Nationalists need to deal with the Holocaust just as we need to deal with the Jewish Question in general. It is futile to focus on White advocacy alone and ignore the Jews. Quite simply, the Jews will not return the favor. You might not pick Jews as the enemy, but they will pick […]

Gregory Rodriguez on the Arizona Ethnic Studies Law

It’s no surprise that LATimes Latino activist columnist, Gregory Rodriguez, does not like the Arizona ban on ethnic studies in high school (click here to let the Times know what you think). After mentioning Arizona’s “ruthless, racially charged campaign against illegal immigrants,” he tones it down a bit, saying he disapproves of the fact that the curriculum […]

Romney and Gingrich compete over who is more pro-immigration

If there is any doubt about how destructive the Republican Party is toward White America, tonight’s Florida debate should settle the issue.  The two front runners, Gingrich and Romney, had a heated exchange about immigration prompted when Wolf Blitzer, CNN’s resident AIPAC activist, asked Gingrich if Romney was the most anti-immigrant of the remaining candidates. […]

Counter-Currents Interview

I did an interview with Counter-Currents’ Greg Johnson and Mike Polignano—more of a discussion really. It touches on some important topics related to psychology, the nature of the West, and what kinds of people we want as White advocates.

The Death of Sarah Burke

White people, more than other racial groups, seem to enjoy taking big physical risks. I was reminded of this upon hearing of the death of White Canadian female halfpipe skier, Sarah Burke. She was White, beautiful, 29 years old. Great physical shape, obviously. No children born. But she was willing to fling her body into impossible […]

Notes on Holland: The Mauro Case

Holland has seen a slow but steady restriction on immigration since the so-called Fortuyn-revolt of 2002, but the Left is constantly fighting back by bringing up cases of individual ‘asylum seekers’ to gain sympathy from the public. The latest case is that one of the Angolan boy Mauro Manuel. Manuel Mauro was born on November […]

Shame and Fear–The two Emotions of White Self-Destruction

A correspondent from the UK recently wrote: I am still very fearful and very programmed…to the extent that I still cannot stomach supporting outfits like the British National Party (I’m English). I’m not saying this to you as a criticism of the BNP, but as a psychological point in that, I am totally committed to […]

Green Mould

The Greens are like Tomatoes: First green, then red. Franz Josef Strauss (1915 – 1988 ) Bavarian Prime minister and Germany’s last Politician with a Backbone The old city of Hamburg is nomenclator to the world’s most widely known junk food item, though nobody knows for sure how it came to this dubious honour. Particularly […]

United in Prayer?

When you live in a place like Memphis, the local news media (which is owned by and takes its marching orders from the National news media-ABC, CBS, NBC, Scripps-Howard, Gannett, etc.) is constantly fanning the dying embers of the “Civil Rights” movement. Why? Because the CRM was the one unqualified success of liberalism since WWll. […]

White Refugees from Third World Barbarism: The Case of South Africa, Part 1

The Battle of Jus Sanguinis (Right-of-Blood) River Campaign Jus Sanguinis is a legal term that refers to Right of Blood citizenship, to preserve a nation’s cultural and ethnic homogeneity; as opposed to Jus Soli, which refers to Right of Soil citizenship. The Jus Sanguinis Campaign is a group of South Africans who have researched their […]

Michele Bachmann Loves Israel

I’m sure there are some good things to be said about Michele Bachmann of the “at least she is better than X” variety. However, it’s very worrying that she seems determined to break all the records for fealty to the Israel Lobby. In a talk before the Republican Jewish Coalition in Los Angeles she said: […]

Guilt-tripping the Europeans

In May a high-level meeting of Muslim and Jewish leaders in Europe was held to express their concern about the rise of the European anti-Muslim right. The meeting was organized by three Jewish groups, two of them American: Rabbi Marc Schneier’s Foundation For Ethnic Understanding, an important organization aimed at cementing ties between Jews and […]

Confessions of a Former Racist

I repent my former heresy.  I realize the error of my ways.  I was so wrong to believe that my race, the White race, has a legitimate claim to identity or any right to advance its collective interests.  Now I know that as a White man, it is my duty to wait on the sidelines […]

Herman Cain: Tea Party Rock Star

Last year on the Fourth of July I went to a local Tea Party rally. As usual, the crowd was all White–a case study in implicit Whiteness. But one of the speakers stood out because she was Black–the only Black person in the crowd. Eager to show their anti-racist credentials, they applauded her enthusiastically. These […]

The Labour Party War Against White Britain

Paul Weston’s article “Why is this not treason?” will make your blood boil. It describes the Labour Party’s war against White Britain. (The article links to another article, “Ethnically cleansing the English” that is also well worth reading.) Key quotes: Despite the obvious violence that emanates from massed Muslims wherever they are in the world, […]

Crusading Popes in Defense of the West

Paul Crawford’s essay, “Four Myths about the Crusades” is a wonderful antidote to the received wisdom about the Crusades. According to the standard account, the crusades are depicted as a deplorably violent episode in which thuggish Westerners trundled off, unprovoked, to murder and pillage peace-loving, sophisticated Muslims, laying down patterns of outrageous oppression that would […]

The Tucson Shootings: Imagining Things

Crazy people happen. It’s a statistical inevitability. If there is one thing that probably transcends racial, political, and economic factors, it’s craziness. For all the attempts by the mainstream media to frame White males, especially right-leaning White males, as having a monopoly on mania, it’s pretty much an equal opportunity affliction. Remember the media jumping […]

Smells Like White Guilt: Christian Lander’s Whiter Shades of Pale

Christian Lander: Whiter Shades of Pale: The Stuff White People Like, Coast to Coast, from Seattle’s Sweaters to Maine’s Microbrews; New York: Random House, 2010 I saw Christian Lander in San Francisco on Tuesday, December 2nd, speaking to a tiny sweater-clad audience at a small independent bookstore in the Marina District. Lander told the story of […]

The “Right to Migrate” Trumps All

The Center for Immigration Studies has issued a report, Fewer Jobs, More Immigrants, maintaining that despite the loss of 1 million jobs, 13.1 Million immigrants arrived in the last decade. The level of immigration remained the same despite a huge worsening of job creation. Most tellingly, in 2008-2009, in the midst of the greatest economic […]

Moral and Aesthetic Idealism among Whites: The Constant Gardener

There seems to be a certain moral fervor in many of us Whites. It’s apparent among the Puritans and some of their noisier descendants, the abolitionists of the 19th century. They waged Holy War on behalf of righteousness (see also here), often on against their own people on behalf of people quite a bit unlike […]

Valiant Swede: Some Good and Bad News from Sweden.

Editor’s note: I noticed that in the comments section of a previous blog there was another very nice comment on the election and the general state of things in Sweden. I have been unable to contact the author, but I am sure he won’t mind if give it a bit more exposure by posting a slightly edited […]

Interracial Porn and the Canadian Power Elite

Pornography on tap is a reality of the Internet age.  A particularly dehumanizing subset — for everyone involved — is interracial pornography, especially the black-male-on-white-female variety.  Whoever produces this stuff should hang from a high tree.  It may be one issue upon which white advocates, feminists and even some multiculturalists could agree. This form of […]

Punched for Listening to Rap: Amy Biehl Syndrome Strikes Again

A  favorite theme of mine is “Amy Biehl Syndrome“, whereby whites who seek to prostrate themselves before non-white cultures end up getting physically hurt or killed in the process. The outcome is the opposite of what they expected: Amy Biehl, for instance, was hoping to be lauded as a liberal white hero who selflessly threw […]

David Morris on the Pathology of Moral Universalism

David Morris has a very nice article, “The Contemporary use of Philosophy and Ideas,” on the BNP website. Much of it reflects recent blogs on this site (here and here), with a British twist. A major theme is that the British have a strong attraction to universalist abstractions, often pursued with a moral fervor. The […]

Thomas DiLorenzo on Puritan Moral Fervor

Thomas DiLorenzo’s recent columns at are well worth reading (“Glenn Beck’s Lincoln Contradictions”; “ see also, How the Lincoln Myth Was Hatched”). They emphasize Puritan religious fanaticism aimed at using the government to create the morally perfect society. As explained by Murray Rothbard in “America’s Two Just Wars: 1775 and 1861″ (in John Denson, […]

John Paul Stevens as a prototypical WASP

There’s been a lot of talk about the fact that soon there will be no WASPs on the Supreme Court. What does it mean? And does it really matter? What’s fascinating is that John Paul Stevens was nominated to the Supreme Court as a moderate Republican who gradually moved further to the left as he […]

Amy Biehl Syndrome, Acute Case: Professor Peter Erlinder

Peter Erlinder is a law professor recently released from a Rwandan prison, where he found himself jailed for his attempts to represent an opposition leader. Whatever the merits of his cause, Erlinder strikes me as a typical White American academic/liberal who thinks he can make the world a better place by immersing himself in the […]

Some thoughts on Richard Wrangham

My last blog (“Chimpanzees don’t believe in open borders“) necessarily highlighted the work of Richard Wrangham, the Harvard primatologist whose theory on coalitional aggression by male chimpanzees was strongly supported by the study of Mantini et al. Wrangham argues that chimps and humans have both inherited a propensity for aggressive territoriality from a chimplike ancestor. War […]

James Edwards’ "Racism Schmacism: How Liberals Use the ‘R’ Word to Push the Obama Agenda"

James Edwards is becoming a very important force in the movement for White advocacy. He hosts the The Political Cesspool, a weekly 3-hour radio show where he interviews a range of personalities on their ideas (including me on more than one occasion). And he has become a director of the American Third Position, a political party that […]

Christopher Donovan: Amy Biehl Syndrome

Christopher Donovan: Every so often, a tale from the world of current events manages to stand on its own as summation of the white genocide.  The murder of Amy Biehl was one such tale.  Biehl, a pretty, blonde Californian studying at Stanford, traipsed off to South Africa in the early 1990’s to assist blacks during […]

Whites’ lack of empathy for other Whites

There are doubtless a great many factors accounting for the general willingness of Whites to allow themselves to be pushed aside and to voluntarily become a minority amid a sea of non-Whites, most of whom hold historical grudges against them. My general view is that these cultural transformations are the result of a complex interaction between preexisting […]

Bill Clinton hints at desire to see anti-government speech restricted

Political elites, especially among the liberals, are beginning to be quite worried about the White rage they see all around them. A good indication of the hysteria is that Joe Klein of TIME wants Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin indicted for inciting sedition, and John Heilemann of New York magazine adds Rush Limbaugh to the list. […]

A Tale of Two Rich Guys, Haim Saban and Charles T. Munger

A Sacramento Bee op-ed by Dan Morain points out that the motives for all the money going into a California ballot proposition on redistricting are hidden from the public. The two men couldn’t be more different. Haim Saban, the billionaire media tycoon, wants the politicians to redraw boundaries so that the Congressional seat of Howard […]

The Monstrous Winston Churchill

In his book Churchill, Hitler, and “The Unnecessary War”: How Britain Lost Its Empire and the West Lost the World, Pat Buchanan places particular emphasis on the role of Winston Churchill for his role in promoting both World War I and World War II.  Buchanan is scathing in his criticism of Churchill, correctly pointing his […]

Thank You Sir, May I Have Another?

Another White male — the list is endless — has been fired for poltically incorrect speech.  Allen Zaruba, an adjunct art professor at Towson University in Maryland, quickly dropped to his knees to beg for forgiveness, and even welcomed his own firing. It’s not even clear from the story what, exactly, Zaruba said, reminding me […]

Robert Satloff and the Jewish Culture of Deceit

Stephen Walt had the audacity to suggest, given Dennis Ross’s close ties to WINEP, that Ross should not have a policy-making position on Middle East issues in the Obama Administration. Neocon Robert Satloff responded with outrage, claiming that Ross has been doing nothing but promoting “U.S. interests in peace and security for the past quarter-century.” And […]