Jewish Double Standards on Immigration and Multiculturalism in Israel vs. the Diaspora

Jewish Fear and Loathing of Donald Trump (5): Would Trump’s Defeat Be Blamed On Jews?


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Almost exactly a year ago, Editor Peter Brimelow raised the question of whether America’s Jewish groups would turn on Donald Trump (who after all has Jewish grandchildren and a lifetime of Jewish business associates) with the hysteria they employed against Patrick J. Buchanan. I have been tracking the matter ever since and the answer is now in: yes—clearly triggered by visceral reaction against Trump’s nationalist acceptance speech in Cleveland and outright panic at his subsequent poll lead (July 25-29 according to the Real Clear Politics average). I suspect, however, that we have crossed a watershed and that, regardless of the results of this election, this will not end well for them.

Before the convention, Wall Street Journal Deputy Editorial Page Editor Bret Stephens [Email him] said with astonishing arrogance: “It’s important that Donald Trump and what he represents—this kind of ethnic quote, ‘conservatism,’ or populism be so decisively rebuked that the Republican Party, the Republican voters will forever learn their lesson…” WSJs Bret Stephens: Trump Must Lose So Badly That the GOP Voters ‘Learn Their Lesson’, by Sam Reisman, Mediaite, May 29 2016.

Just on Friday, Paul Krugman [Email him] writing in the New York Times continued the now-widespread theme: any expression of ethnic identity by America’s whites, no matter how implicit, was “bigoted” and “white nationalist”:

Recently Avik Roy, a leading Republican health-policy expert, had the personal and moral courage to admit what liberals (and political scientists) have been saying for years: “In reality, the gravitational center of the Republican Party is white nationalism.”

Just to be clear, I’m not saying that top Republicans were or are personally bigoted—but that doesn’t matter. What does matter is that they were willing to curry favor with bigots in the service of tax cuts for the rich and financial deregulation. Remember, Mitt Romney eagerly accepted a Trump endorsement in 2012, knowing full well that he was welcoming a racist conspiracy theorist into his camp.

All that has happened this year is a move of those white nationalists from part of the supporting cast to a starring role.

Pieces of Silver, August 12, 2016 (links in original)

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Mark Zuckerberg: A Re-Incarnation of Marie Antoinette?


“Let them eat cake”


Mark Zuckerberg’s Hawaiian wall: “Let them suffer higher population density outside my wall”

News Item: Mark Zuckerberg builds a 6-foot wall on his 1150-acre Hawaiian estate, much to the annoyance of neighbors.

It seems that ultra-billionaire Mark Zuckerberg wants two things. Privacy and space. Lots of space. His Hawaiin digs for example, now consist of 1150 acres, protected in part by a tall ugly wall. Read more

The Jewish War on White Australia: Refugee Policy and the African Crime Plague, Part 2

Part 1

Reaping the whirlwind of decades of Jewish activism

Australia’s African (and Pacific Islander, and Middle Eastern) crime epidemic is the inevitable result of the successful campaign waged by Jewish activists to end Australia’s White Australia policy. As detailed in my series of essays entitled The War on White Australia, Jewish ethnic activism was pivotal in overthrowing Australia’s longstanding European-only immigration policy. The Jewish academic Dan Goldberg proudly acknowledges this, noting that “In addition to their activism on Aboriginal issues, Jews were instrumental in leading the crusade against the White Australia policy, a series of laws from 1901 to 1973 that restricted non-White immigration to Australia.”


Jews have likewise been at the forefront of those lobbying for a massively expanded refugee intake for Australia (both in terms of numbers and countries of origin). Walter Lippmann, the Jewish community leader and activist who chaired the committee that produced the first parliamentary report strongly endorsing state-sponsored multiculturalism, also played a critical role, alongside former Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser, in shaping Australia’s current refugee policy. That Fraser was such a willing ally of Lippmann is perhaps not surprising given that Fraser’s mother, Una Woolf, was of Jewish descent. In her 2010 biography Malcolm Fraser: The Political Memoirs (co-written by Fraser), Margaret Simons notes that Fraser’s “mother’s father Louis Woolf had been born in New Zealand, the son of a Jewish father who had emigrated from South Africa, and Esther Reuben. Una believed that her grandmother was not Jewish, but the name suggests that the Jewish heritage may have been on both sides of the family.”[i] Thus Malcolm Fraser was, it seems, Jewish enough to qualify as a citizen of Israel. Read more

Roche Motel Revisited: The Comfort of an Atomized Society

There is no Nobel Prize for Mathematics, which is ridiculous. But there is a Nobel Prize for Economics, which is risible. Mathematics is to economics rather as astronomy is to astrology. True, economics isn’t a pseudo-science, but it still offers plenty of room to charlatans and phonies. Exhibit A: the “charmless, pompous and mediocre” Jonathan Portes, a Jewish economist who dedicates his life to telling British Whites that only mass immigration can save their nation from economic collapse.

“Trust me – I’m an economist”: Jonathan Portes

“Trust me – I’m an economist”: Jonathan Portes

Portes, who still regularly appears at the Guardian and BBC, was central to New Labour’s successful plan to flood the country with cheap labour and left-wing voters while concealing what they were up to from their traditional supporters. But he has a devastating response to those who allege that New Labour plotted in secret to open the borders: he calls this a “conspiracy theory.” Read more

Bernard-Henri Lévy on Wars and Anti-Nationalism: It’s Judaism, Stupid!


I cannot think of a Jew who has done more to promote “anti-Semitism” in recent years than Bernard-Henri Lévy. He seems to be completely unselfconscious and oblivious to what he is doing.

The latest example has been Lévy’s going on French radio to promote his most recent book, “on which [he] has been working for 20 years,” called L’Esprit du Judaïsme (The Spirit of Judaism). Lévy’s books don’t sell and are even mocked as inane and narcissistic in mainstream Anglo-American media. And yet, The Spirit of Judaism is already enjoying a cover story in L’Express magazine. L’Express incidentally has a circulation of almost half a million and incidentally is owned by his fellow Zionist and co-ethnic Patrick Drahi.

Enjoying systematic promotion in the mass media despite his evident nullity, Lévy has for years been the visible tip of the iceberg of the influence of ethnocentric Jewish networks in France. For many, he has been the spark to their awakening to the Jewish question.

Lévy has made a number of surreal tweets summarizing his talking points on the radio show — the usual warmongering and hypocritically anti-French-nationalist statements — followed by the hashtag #SpiritofJudaism to promote the book. He is thus openly suggesting, in a shockingly unselfconscious way, that his evil views derive from his Judaic ideology.

Hence Judaism is anti-nationalism (for non-Jews):

“It is universalism which I am defending in this book. #SpiritofJudaism”

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Jewish Fear And Loathing Of Donald Trump [2]: “New York Values” vs. Muslim Immigration


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The uproar over Sen. Ted Cruz’s jibe that Donald Trump reflected “New York Values” said a lot about contemporary American political debate.

Given New York is the deepest of blue states, Cruz was quite obviously insinuating liberalism. But commentators seized on it as veiled anti-Semitism e.g. By ‘New York values’ did Ted Cruz mean ‘Jewish’? by Mark Silk, Religion News Service, January 15, 2015.

As a child of the Heartland, I can testify that this interpretation simply didn’t occur to most Americans. And it’s particularly fantastic given that Cruz has assiduously courted the Israel Lobby, famously saying “those who hate Israel also hate America, that those who hate Jews also hate Christians, and that anyone who hates Israel and the Jewish people is not following the teachings of Christ” [Ted Cruz speech to Christian group cut short by boos after Israel comments, by Sean Sullivan, Washington Post, September 11, 2014].

But there’s a very low threshold for accusing someone of anti-Semitism. Read more

Head of French Jewish Lobby’s “Solutions” to Paris Attacks: More Muslims, More Wars and More Censorship


Roger Cuckierman, the head of the official French Jewish lobby (the CRIF), was invited to speak on French public radio to pontificate on the latest horrifying Islamist terrorist attacks in Paris attacks killing at least 129 people. In the “secular” French Republic, state-employed journalists apparently think being the head of a tribal-religious ethnic lobby formally representing one-sixth-of-one-per-cent of the French population is grounds for of being given ample time on the airwaves.

Armed with his supposed moral authority, Cuckierman naturally made a number of demands and suggestions:

  • France’s tradition of secularism (laïcité) should be abolished in order to finance “moderate” Muslim clerics: “It is unhealthy that in France mosques are financed by foreign countries. There should be an Islam of France with imams who speak French and who respect the values of the Republic. Perhaps we should, even in violation of the law of 1905 [instituting secularism], have France pay the imams.”
  • State control and censorship of social media should be reinforced: “[Social media] are complicit, perhaps implicitly, in the acts committed because they facilitate, in a few weeks, the transformation of a good Catholic peasant of the southwest into a jihadist [sic!]. It is time that the entire world put pressure [on social media] so they react as they successfully did to remove pedophilia from social media.”
  • More wars in the Middle East, possibly with boots on the ground: “We are in a world war, Pope Francis said so. Therefore the West should wake up and be ready to fight in a strong way on the ground too. The Islamic State is enemy number one.”

For Cuckierman, the Paris terrorist attacks are then due to failure on the part of the French to integrate Islam (more Muslims are just fine), to social media, and to insufficient wars in the Middle East. Read more