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A South African White Ethnostate

In 2012 I participated in a protest at the South African Consulate in Los Angeles on the genocidal treatment of Whites in South Africa. Reports on the protests, which was part of a coordinated effort in other cities, routinely put the word ‘genocide’ in quotes and implied we were all neo-Nazis — an entirely predictable response by the respectable […]

Review of “Blood in the Square” by John Bean

Blood in the Square, by John Bean Ostara Publications, 2014; Kindle version Reviewed by Colin Liddell Blood in the Square is a highly readable novel about the world of nationalist politics in Britain of the 1960s. I raced through its 119 pages in a couple of normal working days. This might suggest that it is […]

Lawmakers attack The Political Cesspool at House Judiciary Committee hearing

I had the distinct honor of being denounced by multiple lawmakers at last week’s House Judicary Committee hearing on the “Adequacy and Enforcement of Our Nation’s Immigration Laws,” where our old friend Sherrif Paul Babeu was one of the witnesses called to testify. From the Arizona Daily Star: Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu’s opinion of the […]

Richard Spencer’s Ski Club Smackdown of Randy Scheuenemann

Richard Spencer has been leading an interesting life lately. Banned in Budapest for organizing the National Policy Institute conference, he was deported. Now we read of an encounter last winter with Randy Scheunemann that started with a chance meeting on a ski lift. Scheunemann is familiar to TOO readers as someone who has made a lucrative career by getting […]

Defying the Budapest Ban: The Rebel vs the Dissident

 Despite the ban by the Hungarian government, the NPI conference did take place in Budapest on October 5, albeit in a truncated version but with an air of rebellion and emotional intensity. A day earlier, despite the arrest of the NPI Chairman Mr. Richard Spencer, despite constant police surveillance of all NPI guests, and despite […]

Vladimir Avdeyev And The Russian Revival Of Racial Science

Posted also on [Adapted from Kevin MacDonald’s Foreword to Raciology, by Vladimir Avdeyev] J. Philippe Rushton once commented that science moves forward, continuing to gather data and refine its theories—with one important exception. A century ago, there was a robust Darwinian science of race differences, from differences in head shape and cranial capacity, to differences in intelligence and behavioral restraint. […]

Kerry Bolton’s New Yockey Biography Project

Some good news: distinguished writer Kerry Bolton is writing a new biography of Francis Parker Yockey, from a pro-Yockey perspective, which will delve into issues of political philosophy and race. A new Yockey biography is needed.   While Coogan’s Dreamer of the Day has some good points, it is a book written by someone essentially hostile […]

Alexander Dugin’s 4 Political Theory is for the Russian Empire, not for European Ethno-Nationalists

Only a rare few in the alternative right knew Alexander Dugin before the publication and translation of his book, The Fourth Political Theory, in 2012. Suddenly, the contents of this book became the subject of lively discussion and he was hailed as “arguably the most prominent New Right thinker in the world.”  With the exception […]

Conversion to White Advocacy: The Social Nexus

Greg Johnson asked me to comment on my conversion to my present political views in his essay on William James’s ideas on religious conversion “The Psychology of Conversion” (December 17, 2013).  I agree with the general point that people who convert have already come to accept a new set of ideas, so that conversion for […]

An Identitarian Crisis

Wilmot Robertson’s epic and masterful tome, The Dispossessed Majority, ends with a chapter entitled “Northern European Ingathering” which calls for just that, a kind of “Pax Euramerica.” According to the late Mr. Robertson, only a sense of race-consciousness on that level would be enough to save Whites worldwide against all the forces aligned against them […]

Thoughts on Secession

In a recent column, Pat Buchanan noted that secession is in the air: While no one takes this movement as seriously as men took secession in 1861, the sentiments behind it ought not to be minimized. For they bespeak a bristling hostility to the federal government and a dislike bordering on detestation of some Americans […]

Stages of Developing a White Advocacy Movement

At present the White Advocacy Movement is in the idea-formation phase, actually well advanced. For example, Frank Salter’s On Genetic Interests and Kevin MacDonald’s trilogy on Judaism and other writings form part of a larger literature that analyses the threats faced by White America and the West in general. That has taken a lot of work, typically in the face of discouragement from colleagues […]

David Whiting’s article on Kevin MacDonald in the Orange County Register

David Whiting of the Orange County Register has written an article about me as part of a series on the racialist right in Orange County. All things considered, it is quite good. Readers may be interested in posting comments at the site. Whiting: ‘White advocate’ teaches at Cal State Long Beach If Kevin MacDonald is wrong, then […]

A New Call of the Wild: The American Third Position Party

The following is an English translation of an article published in the French magazine RIVAROL (published by  Jérôme Bourbon) on the A3P and it’s presidential candidates. In the hustle and bustle of the various right wing currents inAmericait is fascinating to observe the recent birth of the American Third Position Party (A3P), a new political party dedicated […]

Democrats Abandon White Workers

A source of frustration is that very few Whites actually believe that White hegemony in America could or would be threatened in any meaningful way. For them, advocating for Whites is as silly as collecting food cans for Bill Gates or raising awareness of hardships faced by banking tycoons. If you try to explain to […]

The Usual Suspects Angered by Pat Buchanan’s Appearance on James Edward’s Radio Show

Pat Buchanan, always a gentleman, refuses to back down when asked by NPR about his most recent appearance on The Political Cesspool Radio Program. (See also the current TOO featured video for the entire interview.) Note especially Pat’s unintimidated response to the interviewer’s point that ADL head Abe Foxman condemned the interview: “I think there’s an […]

Employment Agency to Labor Union

If there is someone out there who has the time and ability, and is in the right location, he or she or they should do an employment agency for Americans. If I had the time I would do it where I live. Here’s the deal — perfectly competent and hard working Americans are making 9 […]

Gilad Atzmon Replies

Gilad Atzmon has responded to my review of his The Wandering Who? His comments say a lot about who he is and how he comes to his conclusions. First, he titles his comment “Supremacists on ‘The Wandering Who’“, the word ‘supremacist’  being the term of art used by by anti-White organizations like the SPLC and […]

Dmitry Rogozin: A Russian Nationalist Re-enters the Political Arena

Many of us have experienced the Cold War and identify Russia with communism and authoritarianism, or at least as an ‘Eastern power’ instead of a potential ally of the West. But we should not forget that it was the Swedish Viking-leader Rurik who united the Slavic tribes east of Poland under a dynasty which would […]

Jury Rejects “White Supremacist” Motive in Brandon McInerney Trial

The Brandon McInerney hate crime trial has ended in a hung jur,y voting 7-5 for a manslaughter verdict rather than the first degree murder verdict sought by the prosecution. The good news is that “jurors universally rejected the prosecution’s contention that the shooting was a hate crime carried out by a youth filled with white […]

Rick Perry and the Jews

More evidence, as if any were needed, that Jews form a hostile elite comes from an article in, of all places, The Chronicle of Higher Education (“Rick Perry and the Jews: An Introduction,” by Jacques Berlinerblau. First, that Jews are an elite: They are small in number …. But it would be an error to think […]

“Unstoppable”: Why I Write

Few readers have likely noticed, but my contributions to this site have fallen dramatically this year. The reason is simple: I’ve been convinced by the likes of Alex Kurtagic, Harold Covington et al. that merely tap-tap-tapping on computer keys accomplishes little. Worse, I know I’m guilty of what they both disparage: writing negatively about our […]

White Refugees from Third World Barbarism: The Case of South Africa, Part 2

Part 1. Apartheid: A Just War for Demographic Survival of Boer Afrikaners South Africa was populated by White and Black settlers. The Whites arrived at the Cape in 1652, predominantly from the Netherlands, France, Germany and the United Kingdom, to find only the Bushman as indigenous natives. These were hunter gatherers whose mode of existence […]

Anders Breivik as a Nordicist

It’s been noted, particularly on the racialist, paleoconservative right, that Anders Breivik’s ideas closely resemble the ideas usually associated with the neoconservatives: Strong support for Israel and opposition to Islam. For example, in his book, Breivik cites Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch, and he includes several excellent articles from the Gates of […]

Breivik: Sending a message to the elites

Is this the very first time that a gathering of leftists in a Western Nation, post 1960, has been made to pay the ultimate price for their anti democratic multicultural impositions? If so, then I suspect that the pictures of dead young adults will have a rather powerful deterrent effect on parents who might otherwise […]

The Norwegian horror

The story line coming out of the Norwegian attacks is that the perpetrator, Anders Behring Breivik, was oriented to the political right. National police chief Sveinung Sponheim stated that the suspected gunman’s Internet postings “suggest that he has some political traits directed toward the right, and anti-Muslim views, but whether that was a motivation for the […]

The Southern Point: The Identity of “We”

I go, but not to Avalon Or any cloud-capped promontory hid Beyond the eyes of men. The battle’s end Is now my fortune, but this change of state Confounds me not. A duller magic rules Until the blood shall speak again. -Donald Davidson, from “Geography of the Brain” Montgomery, Alabama is a strange place. I […]

Review of Jared Taylor’s “White Identity: Racial Consciousness in the 21st Century”

Jared Taylor, White Identity: Racial Consciousness in the 21st Century (Oakton, Va.: New Century Books, 2011) Some time in late 1992 or early 1993, a friend mentioned he was reading Jared Taylor’s new book Paved With Good Intentions. He praised the book for its solid debunking of the racism-made-me-do-it “root cause” of sociopathic Black behavior. It […]

Charles Kingsley: Books for Boys

The Politically Correct abstract below describes the books of Charles Kingsley, who wrote in the later 1800s. It notes that his books remained popular for a long time with children after adult history reading had removed on, and that “many a second-hand bookstore groans under the weight of the  Macmillan’s blue-bound edition of the works” […]

Timothy Garton Ash: We need more pro-multicultural propaganda

Timothy Garton Ash has an op-ed in today’s LA Times showing once again the high anxiety pervading European elites about the rise of anti-Muslim parties (“Geert Wilders and how to handle a gold-medal hypocrite“). The idea is that Wilders is a hypocrite because he “calls for the holy book of some 1.5 billion people to […]

A Display of British Tradition

I know I should come up with an excuse for watching the royal wedding, but I must say that it was entertaining television. (I watched the FOX version.)  A festival of implicit Whiteness. In an age where every public event is staged with a mind to getting the diversity out front and center, everyone was […]

The Southern Point, Part I: The Political Thought of John C. Calhoun

…the monster little heeding… Pounces with his mouth of venom At the head of Lemmikainen But the hero quick recalling Speaks the Master words of knowledge Words that came from distant ages Words his ancestors had taught him From the Kalevala, ancient Finnish epic The great tragedy of American History is that the South had […]

Truth, Heresy, and Heroes

White identity politics is a form of heresy, and heresy has grave consequences.  Advocating White nationalism or merely defending White interests often results in a loss of social standing.  Moral cowards, amoral sycophants, and racial traitors are rewarded while heroes and righteous guardians are demonized.  Pretending that Whites are social constructs or have no legitimate […]

White Dispossession and the Racialization of American Politics Accelerate

Ron Brownstein’s aptly named “The Next America” is a tale of increasingly rapid White dispossession. Key quotes: From every angle, the results showed that the nation’s transformation into a “majority-minority” nation is proceeding even faster than expected. Nationally, the overall share of the non-Hispanic white population dropped from 69.1 percent in 2000 to 63.7 in […]

Which Way White Man? (Part 1)

The advantage of Whites in North America is their racial and linguistic unity stretching from Alaska to Arkansas, from San Francisco to Boston. This unique phenomenon, coupled with implicit racial awareness, still enables America to thrive as a global superpower. White Americans, regardless of their diverse European roots, can freely use the word “nationalism” given […]

The Failures of Enoch Powell

The BBC documentary on Enoch Powell’s 1968 “rivers of blood” speech in Birmingham, currently featured on The Occidental Observer, reminds us of how White loyalism has been systematically defeated since the Second World War throughout the West (though with some recent exceptions in Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden, and even Britain). It also reminds us of the […]

Jamie Kelso at CPAC: Rights versus Interests

Jamie Kelso’s experience at CPAC, on video here, shows how far we are from changing the rhetoric about race and immigration. CPAC is sponsored by the American Conservative Union which claims it “represents the views of Americans who are concerned with economic growth through lower taxes and reduced government spending and the issues of liberty, personal […]

Kevin MacDonald on James Edwards’ The Political Cesspool

Kevin MacDonald will be appearing on The Political Cesspool Radio Program this Saturday, December 18 at 9:00 p.m., Eastern Time (6:00 p.m. Pacific) Tune in to The Political Cesspool’s live program via the internet during its regular airtime (7:00pm – 10:00pm Eastern) this Saturday evening at this site: Be sure to click the “Listen […]

2010 TOO Fundraising Appeal: Tax-Deductible Contributions Now Possible

There have been several changes at TOO. The new look seems to be working out with most people. We are certainly grateful to Matt Parrott and his anonymous helpers who have uploaded the hundreds of old TOO files to the new site. Another major change is that donations to TOO are now tax deductible through […]

The Euro Rightwing Stunt in Jerusalem

If you can’t beat them join them. This is what one can conclude after observing the results of the recent PR stunt in Israel by Heinz-Christian Strache, head of the Austrian FPÖ, Geert Wilders of the Dutch PVV, and Filip De Winter of the Vlaams Belang. Faced with the Muslim invasion of Europe, there are […]

Implicit Whiteness and the Republicans

Kevin MacDonald’s work on the concept of “implicit whiteness” in his essay “Psychology and White Ethnocentrism” (acacdemic version) is a major breakthrough for White Nationalism. Ethnocentrism—usually stigmatized as “xenophobia” and “racism”— is a preference to be around genetically similar people. Anti-ethnocentrism—a preference for people unlike ourselves—is sold today as “diversity,” the secret ingredient that adds […]

Eric Paulson: Nine Reasons for an Ingathering

After a series of defeats and setbacks spanning over half a century the perennial question asked by White racialists is, what is to be done? [1] This essay is an updated answer to that question. Any plan of action must take stock of the present situation. We must deal with the fact that as a […]

Policing the Elites

Just recently Thilo Sarrazin, a director of Germany’s central bank, made headlines because he wrote a book critical of immigration, basically saying that Germany is commiting suicide. He says (reasonable and popular) things like “I don’t want my grandchildren and great-grandchildren to live in a mostly Muslim country where Turkish and Arabic are widely spoken, […]

Edmund Connelly: Pastor Baldwin Moving to the Northwest

Edmund Connelly: I was pleased today to read on VDARE the announcement from Pastor Chuck Baldwin revealing that he was leaving Pensacola, FL, and moving to western Montana. And he’s not going alone. In total, there will be seventeen people from his extended family, including children. Pastor Baldwin called his announcement The Hardest Decision Of […]

Kevin MacDonald: Glenn Beck: More Clueless Conservatism

Sometimes it’s pretty obvious what’s wrong with conservatives. Glenn Beck’s Washington gathering turns out to have been a plea for a religious revival (NYTimes: “At Lincoln Memorial: A Call for Religious Rebirth“): “Something that is beyond man is happening,” Mr. Beck told the crowd, in what was part religious revival and part history lecture. “America […]

The A3P replies to the New York Daily News and Huffington Post

Kevin MacDonald: The New York Daily News has reached a new low in journalistic propaganda with its article “New Hampshire State House Candidate Running On White Supremacist Platform” (July 13, 2010). The article purports to be a description of the candidacy of Ryan J. Murdough for the state senate in New Hampshire. The accompanying photo […]

Hormonal regulation of ingroup altruism

A recent paper by Carsten K. W. De Dreu and colleagues in Science shows that the hormone oxytocin makes people more inclined to help their ingroup (“The Neuropeptide oxytocin regulates parochial altruism in intergroup conflict among humans”; Science, June 11, 2010; not available online without subscription). The paper is important for several issues related to […]

Libertarianism under intellectual scrutiny — and a call for papers

Rand Paul’s Senate candidacy has been a godsend to the liberals. Jonah Goldberg puts it this way: Indeed, it’s worth noting that the only people who are really jazzed to reopen the argument about the Civil Rights Act are liberals. And they have good reason: They won that argument, politically and morally. This is a […]

Tony Paulsen: Thoughts on the British General Election

Tony Paulsen: Here are some thoughts on the British general election — not, you will note, an ex cathedra pronouncement! [Editor’s Note: In his current TOO article, Alex Kurtagic thinks it was all a waste of time.] I’ll begin with the system parties, and move on to the patriotic right. It’s strange to see a three […]

Kevin MacDonald: Mexican stories

Kevin MacDonald: Lately I have been inundated with stories about Mexicans. Up in Morgan Hill (near San Jose), four White students had the temerity to wear American flags  on Cinco de Mayo, resulting in Mexicans swearing at them in Spanish. The John and Ken radio show, a major LA-area talk show with  a huge audience and very negative attitudes on illegal […]