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Kevin MacDonald: The Myth of Pure Science

Kevin MacDonald: The brouhaha over climate change science has prompted an op-ed in the LA Times  “Climate change e-mail scandal underscores myth of pure science.”  It’s interesting to substitute race science rather than climate science when pondering their comments. Some quotes: The East Anglia controversy serves as a reminder that when the politics are divisive […]

Kevin MacDonald: Martin Webster on Peter Oborne's Exposé of Britain's Israel Lobby

Kevin MacDonald: Martin Webster’s article on Peter Oborne’s exposé of Britain’s Israel Lobby was just posted on TOO. Here’s the link to the article, and we are also posting the link to Oborne’s 50-minute program in  the video section of the TOO front page. This is very long article by TOO standards, and Webster adds a lot that is not […]

Tom Sunic: Reply to Stern

Editorial note: Frequent TOO contributor Tom Sunic replies to Joel Stern’s letter to several writers associated with TOO and TOQ. (For Stern’s letter, see Alex Kurtagic’s “Narcissism” blog which also comments on Stern.) Dear Mr. Stern: Thank you for your comments. I appreciate  your concern for the future of  the Jewish people, and I’d also like to extend […]