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Jamie Kelso at CPAC: Rights versus Interests

Jamie Kelso’s experience at CPAC, on video here, shows how far we are from changing the rhetoric about race and immigration.

CPAC is sponsored by the American Conservative Union which claims it “represents the views of Americans who are concerned with economic growth through lower taxes and reduced government spending and the issues of liberty, personal responsibility, traditional values and national security.” But, whatever traditional values may be supported by the conference attendees, there is no evidence in the video that preserving White America is among them. Read more

Japan vs. America

Hiroshima, 64 years after the bomb

It seems more and more Americans are taking a sour view of the way things are going for the country — and rightly so. “By all accounts,” our editor Kevin MacDonald writes, “particularist anger is welling up in White Americans — especially among the middle and working class — outraged at the changes they see.”

Curmudgeon James Howard Kunstler has been repeating his mantra about an America in decline: “The failure of leadership extends through government to the news media to business to the universities to the courts. All authorities are suspect. All are dishonest and cowardly.”

How can one deny that the “nation” is not in free fall? It really strikes me that it’s only a matter of time before one of the critical pillars of collective life collapses and brings the whole rotten structure down around us. I mean, isn’t it obvious that the promised multicultural utopia has degenerated into a dystopian nightmare formed from what used to be our country? Read more

“A Serious Man” Revisited

Larry Gopnik

I don’t have much use for light comedies, but I love dark ones. Thus I have been a fan of the Coen brothers ever since their first movie Blood Simple, which I regard as a masterpiece. But not all of their movies succeed. The Coens are at their best when they are working with tight and ingenious plots. Blood Simple, Miller’s Crossing, Fargo, The Hudsucker Proxy, and No Country for Old Men (no comedy that) come immediately to mind. However, when they stray from tight plotting, their movies tend to fail. But one still has to grant that films like Barton Fink, The Big Lebowski, and O Brother, Where Art Thou? are at least interesting failures.

At first viewing, I thought A Serious Man was just another interesting failure. But my mind kept coming back to it, like a tongue seeking a sore tooth, until I broke down and watched it again. This time, I think I got it. And I like it. I am going to summarize pretty much the whole story, so if you have not watched it, bail out here. Read more

Mind Wars: Raising Healthy White Children in a Subversive Environment

Above all, a White child must be raised to exhibit White behavior: to strive towards truth, honor, and a virtuous life.  Exemplary White men and White women from the past and present provide guidance for behavior expected in the future.  Familiarity with admirable White role models will help protect a developing mind from poisonous, nonsensical, cowardly, and traitorous ideas.  The alternative is the loss of yet another young White mind and spirit, overwhelmed from all sides in today’s twisted and subversive society.

Popular music and professional sports are teeming with African themes of criminality, cruelty, misogyny, egotism, and debased and debauched behavior.  Television, movies, and advertising are infected with a virulent strain of anti-White propaganda.  Academia, mainstream news, politicians, and pundits provide a persistent message of White guilt, racial nihilism, and shrill condemnation of any manifestation of White pride or White identity.  Jewish ownership and control of the media is so pervasive that Jewish media figures feel secure enough to boast thereof.  Yet to an untrained observer, the subversion towards Jewish interests or anti-White propaganda can be difficult to spot because it is designed to permeate the unconscious brain.  The viewer, or victim, is supposed to feel and absorb, not think and reflect.  Conscientious White parents must prepare their children with the analytical tools to see through the façade. Read more

Ancient Resistance in Red, Black and White: The “Anti-Semitism” of Grimm’s Fairy Tales

Fairy tales, for me, have always evoked powerful feelings of the mysterious and mist-shrouded history of European peoples.  Both before and after coming to White racial consciousness, there was always something “enchanting,” to use a word, about the tales and their faraway castles, strange creatures and ever-present dark woods.  Like a non-Jewish version of the Old Testament, they were filled with sex, violence and the occasional morality lesson. Read more

Brendon O’Connell’s Ordeal

Brendon O'Connell

Brendon O’Connell (here’s his blog)  is a 40-year-old pro-Palestinian activist who is now serving a three-year prison sentence for violating Australian laws intended to suppress White concerns about the utopian multicultural future by restricting speech. His troubles began when he went to a protest at a store selling fruit from the occupied West Bank and got into a confrontation with a pro-Israel Chabadnik. O’ Connell videotaped the confrontation (see here and here). The only physical contact comes at 3:41 of the second link, but it’s difficult to see what’s happening and, in any case, that incident was not part of the criminal proceedings. It’s great video and definitely gives on a snapshot of Brendon’s very outgoing, colorful personality.

As I write at the end of my brief, we need more people like him — people willing to be assertive and in-your-face about the outrages surrounding us. Most White Americans would rather munch on snack food while watching TV and then move away when the neighborhood gets overrun by non-Whites. They cower in fear at the thought of offending the powers that be. Of course, Brendon is living proof that those fears are well founded.

Brendon sought out my support for his case and I agreed to participate. The idea was to have me testify live via a video hookup. However, in the end, he decided not to use the brief I had written on his behalf and he dismissed his lawyer as well. Things did not go well at the trial (here’s a newspaper account). The “victim” states that the three-year term “is not enough.” Presumably nothing short of a death sentence would satisfy him. Read more

Violence of the Left

Most violence and violent rhetoric is leftist in origin.  As the left has a firm grip on the reins of mainstream media, it should come as no surprise that the right is the scapegoat for the sins of the left.  The irony is that the left is guilty of what its favorite leftist psychologist, Sigmund Freud, coined “projection.”  The left denies its own violent actions and rhetoric and instead ascribes it to its chief political opposition—the right.  The left projects its own violent tendencies upon the right through extensive use of media propaganda.  “Right-wingers” are immediately blamed for any outburst of random violence perpetrated by isolated and disturbed individuals—as in the Tuscon shootings, yet the entire history of leftist aggression, angry rhetoric, and physical violence is swept into the dustbin of history.  Leftist riots, leftist terrorists, leftist serial bombers, leftist calls for genocide—all of these sink down the memory hole, purposefully eclipsed by a barrage of stories about right-wing violence.  Reality is quite different.

Worldwide, communism is responsible for more than 100 million civilian deaths in the Twentieth Century.  Russia, Romania, Yugoslavia, China, Cambodia, Vietnam, and other communist-controlled nations became killing fields in the name of social progress—a favorite term of the left.  America mistakenly believes that Marxism and leftism largely died with the fall of the Soviet Union, but the parasite merely changed hosts. Read more