Jewish Attitudes on Free Speech

Donald Trump, Judge Curiel, and (((Mean Tweets))): The Reality of Ethnic Identification in Multicultural America

Strong ethnic identifications for non-Whites remain controversial in multi-cultural America. On the cuckservative right, such identifications are half-heartedly condemned because they like to imagine that an ideal America should be blind to ethnicity as a way of justifying their non-opposition to massive non-White immigration (“after all, they’re just like us”) and their own lack of identification as Whites — even though this is a sure-fire recipe for White oblivion in the long run.

The intellectual gyrations on the left are even more laughable: They encourage non-Whites to have strong ethnic identifications and to organize to pursue their interests. In fact, such identifications are the key to success in a wide range of fields, certainly including academia, the law, and politics, and there are plenty of well-paying jobs running ethnic activist organizations. Being known as an ethnic activist and being a member of ethnic activist organizations are keys to advancement. For the MSM and the rest of the left, seeing things from an ethnic perspective is a positive virtue for non-Whites. So it’s not surprising  that, as Peter Brimelow notes, Sonia Sotomayor’s “wise Latina” comment was not sufficient to derail her appointment to the Supreme Court and indeed was applauded by the elite media. So making decisions based on ethnic identity is just fine.

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Paul-Éric Blanrue and the Jews: From Celebration to Censorship

Paul-Eric Blanrue

Paul-Éric Blanrue

Paul-Éric Blanrue is a French writer whose most recent books have documented Jewish power networks in France, especially their relationship with the center-right under Nicolas Sarkozy and with the “far-right” Front National under the Le Pen family.[1] The thesis of these books, meticulously documented, is that Jewish influence in elite French political and cultural circles is enormous. Blanrue quotes countless French political leaders and commentators remarking upon this, but also shows how, if any are critical, they are swiftly punished.

Elite political and cultural power in France is thus distorted by Jewish perceived interests and ethnic biases, to the detriment of non-Jewish groups. The native French suffer demonization at the hands of a holocaust-centric memorial culture, the de facto exclusion of French nationalists from normal democratic politics, and the de jure censorship of indigenous European advocates, race-realists, and revisionists. Arabs and Muslims also suffer at home with a noxious combination of continued immigration and race-baiting, and abroad since at least 2007 with unconditional French support for Israel and the American Empire against the Palestinians, Libyans, and Syrians. Read more

Friends of Israel: Old and New Patterns in British Politics

Two interesting patterns became apparent after the recent general election in Britain. One of them has been extensively discussed in the mainstream media. The other hasn’t been discussed at all. Why not? Because it involves Britain’s most powerful ethnic group and that group intends to maintain its stranglehold on British politics. Power that can’t be discussed is also power that can’t be challenged.

Key qualities of the left

First, let’s look at the pattern that could be discussed in the mainstream: the resounding success of the Scottish National Party, which held six of fifty-nine seats in Scotland before the election. Now it holds fifty-six. A huge Labour majority has evaporated in a single day. The fiasco is further proof that the left doesn’t understand the societies it wants to control. As I pointed out in “The Toxicity of Truth,” parties like Labour are interested in power, not in facts, logic or objective reality. But their insatiable greed for power is sometimes thwarted by another of their key qualities: their boundless incompetence.

Mini-Obama: Nicola Sturgeon

Mini-Obama: Nicola Sturgeon

Labour gave Scotland more and more autonomy in the confident belief that this would “kill Scottish nationalism stone dead.” They thought they were injecting cyanide into the SNP. In fact, they were injecting steroids. Nicola Sturgeon, the SNP’s authoritarian, high-testosterone female leader, became a kind of mini-Obama during the election campaign. Just as millions of deluded narcissists in Europe wished they could vote for Obama in 2008, so thousands of deluded narcissists in England wished they could vote for Sturgeon in 2015. After all, she wants to put “equality and fairness” at the heart of Scottish politics, and she favours immigration and refugee policy that would only speed the Third Worldization of the U.K. What could be nobler than that? Read more

Moshe Kantor’s Campaign to Stalinize Europe

Moshe Kantor has a dream — a dream of a Stalinist Europe:

Dr. Moshe Kantor, President of the European Jewish Congress (EJC), said that Europe is on the cusp of “a New Dark Ages” during the opening of the Fourth International “Let My People Live!” Forum, held in Prague on the eve of International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

“Recent atrocities in Paris, Brussels and Toulouse are visible manifestations of the deep structural problems embodied in European society today,” Dr. Kantor said. “This, coupled with the continuing electoral successes of extremist parties in Europe, demonstrated in recent elections across the continent, shows that unfortunately, Europe is on a dangerous path. We need practical solutions and so we have prioritised the adoption of the European Framework National Statute for the Promotion of Tolerance.”

This Model Law, drafted by leading European experts and legislators, and supported by the EJC, defines the limits of tolerance, which is the demand for security. This is intended to be a pan-European law that for the first time deals with not only the general commitment to tolerance, but defines the values that need preserving and the limitation of tolerance towards minority groups who risk the security of other minorities and of their host countries. …

“In the immediate term, intelligence-gathering and sharing across Europe must increase. It is now well known that all of the perpetrators of the attacks in Paris were on the radars of intelligence and police officials. The question of prevention must be readdressed, because the current paradigm is simply not working,” Dr. Kantor said. “Police and law enforcement also need to be strengthened. This includes actively enforcing laws against incitement and anti-Semitic speech, and taking a firmer approach against those who promote hate and violence.

“Never before, has Europe’s intellectual elite joined with the continent’s senior political leadership and top-legal experts within the same conference to genuinely address the very real threats faced by all Europe’s citizens. Now we must transfer these important words into real action.” Kantor said. (EJC President Moshe Kantor: Europe on the Cusp of ‘New Dark Ages’ at Forum to Combat anti-Semitism, Racism and Radical Jihadism, European Jewish Congress website, 28th January 2015)

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Clampdown on Social Media in Britain

When several thousand Muslims crowded into Downing Street to protest the latest anti-Muslim cartoons published by Charlie Hebdo magazine, it was an angry and indignant protest.  But as with gunman breaking into a Paris office and murdering cartoonists, it was a display of powerlessness and political impotence more than anything else.

If you wanted to see real power at work, you only needed to just click on the BBC where it was revealed that an All Parliamentary Inquiry into Anti-semitism had resolved to introduce legislation outlawing “anti-semitism” on social media.

The cross-party inquiry wants prosecutors to examine whether prevention orders like those used to restrict sex offenders’ internet access could be used against “anti-semites”. With the weight and power of the organised Jewish lobby behind it, this now stands a good chance of becoming law and thus another avenue of criticism about Jewish power could be about to be closed off in Britain.

Predictably, the BBC put an optimal spin on this, saying that the Muslims too could benefit as they are under attack from Islamophobes. All this is less than two years after the murder of Drummer Lee Rigby and only a month after Charlie Hebdo.

Indeed, the environment for free speech of all kinds continues to deteriorate in the UK. Just today the Guardian reports that police are questioning newsdealers to get the names and addresses of people who bought the first post-massacre issue of Charlie Hebdo.

After demanding that the laws of the land be changed for the convenience of a community of less than a quarter of a million, the Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis continued to up his demands. He wants “a government fund to be set up to cover the costs of security at synagogue. Fresh research on identifying and explaining anti-semitic language and finally, guidance for teachers on how to handle the Middle East conflict in the classroom” — the last presumably a plea to make the talking points of the Israeli right part of the British school curriculum. Read more

Charlie Hebdo — The Gift That Keeps Giving

The Charlie Hebdo affair is the gift that keeps on giving if you want to understand the contours of power in the West today. There are many past incidents which, although trifling at the time, now take on a whole new importance  when seen through the lens of Charlie Hebdo — this solid gold BBC radio debate is one of them.

On Holocaust Memorial Day 2013 the Sunday Times ran a Gerald Scarfe cartoon which showed a bloodthirsty Binyamin Netanyaju cementing up a wall with the bodies of dead Palestinians. It was a gory, tasteless work which was par for the course for the artist and which would seem to fall well within the lampoonists terms of engagement as claimed by the post-modern supporters of #JeSuisCharlie  — i.e. nothing is sacred and no-one is beyond satire.

Except, as Gerald Scarfe was to discover, it turned out that some things are very much untouchable and unsayable. For the organised Jewish community reacted with predictable well-orchestrated incandescent rage and, equally predictably, the fearless News International caved in, withdrew the cartoon and responded with a fulsome apology from Rupert Murdoch himself. Read more

The Noose Tightens on Europe

How short the memory. How empty the rhetoric. Just weeks after the largest outpouring of support for “free speech” that Europe has witnessed in recent decades, genuine free speech in Europe finds itself lined up opposite a Jewish firing squad. The Guardian reports that European Jewish leaders, backed by a host of former EU heads of state and government, are preparing to call for pan-European legislation outlawing ‘anti-Semitism.’

A panel of four prestigious international experts on constitutional law backed by the Orwellian European Council on Tolerance and Reconciliation (ECTR) have spent the last three years drafting a 12-page document on “tolerance”. In the wake of the Charlie Hebdo shootings, and in line with a renewed and intense Jewish drive for complete invulnerability, they are lobbying to have it converted into law in the 28 countries of the EU. The ECTR is typical of the “think-tank” Jewish method of introducing laws without the consent of the people [for other examples see my work on the introduction of laws limiting free speech in Britain, and the work of Brenton Sanderson on the employment of the same method in Australia].

For a long time the ECTR had a non-Jewish public face through the Presidency of Aleksander Kwaśniewski, himself a former President of Poland. But the real engine room of the body lies in the form of its co-Chairman, Viatcheslav Moshe Kantor. Kantor also acts as the President of the European Jewish Congress. When not crossing the continent bleating about ‘tolerance,’ this individual also advances Jewish interests in his capacity as the President of Moscow’s Museum of Avant-Garde Mastery — a dubious establishment dedicated to extolling the disgusting and poisonous art of co-ethnics like Marc Chagall, Chaim Soutine, and Mark Rothko (Rothko is the subject of a 3-part series of TOO articles by Brenton Sanderson). As for the panel of ‘experts,’ the most influential member is the panel chair – Yoram Dinstein, a “war crimes expert,” professor and former president of Tel Aviv university. Read more