White Racial Consciousness and Advocacy

Talmud and Taboo: Part Two of Two

Part 1.

In the sphere of Continental right-wing populism, the trend has been no less pronounced. Observing the creeping Islamic invasion of Europe, several key leaders on the European Right have carelessly abandoned centuries of wisdom gained from their forefather’s interactions with Jewry, and have adopted a worldview in which Islam is the primary enemy of the European people. Ignoring the well-documented role that Jews have played in opening our borders and silencing honest racial discourse, these leaders have instead moronically reached out to Israel, which they see as being at the front line of a “Judaeo-Christian” holy war with Islam.

Examples are plentiful. The Front National (FN) in France has expressly distanced itself from “anti-Semitism” and its leaders have even portrayed themselves as “the only true protectors of Jews in Europe.” Since assuming party leadership in 2011, Marine Le Pen has worked to “modernize” her father’s party — essentially the process of purging its anti-Jewish, anti-Zionist elements. Le Pen demoted party figures like Christian Bouchet for his support of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and expelled Alexandre Gabriac for the drunken indiscretion of giving a taboo salute during a party.

Alexandre Gabriac: Unlikely to be seen waving Israeli flags any time soon.

Alexandre Gabriac: Unlikely to be seen waving Israeli flags any time soon.

As early as 2009 Le Pen began distancing herself from Alain Soral, relegating the vocal anti-Zionist to an “honorary” position in the 2009 European election campaign before the latter decided to cut his losses and leave the party. An “honorary” position was also, of course, bestowed upon Le Pen’s father, effectively rendering him a figurehead devoid of actual power or influence.

Quite apart from these purges, Marine Le Pen has made a series of overtures to organized Jewry. In 2011, during a trip to the United States, Le Pen managed to get a well-publicized meeting with Israel’s ambassador to the United Nations, Ron Prosor, who attended a gathering she hosted at the United Nations. Although Israel’s foreign ministry later rushed to explain that the meeting was based on a “misunderstanding,” Le Pen made much of the evening’s press releases, which depicted a smiling Prosnor standing next to her. But to what gain or reward? Read more

The Cuckservative Phenomenon

ActOfLove (1)

The cuckservative meme is suddenly everywhere. It’s brash, it’s witty, and it’s often embedded in visually appealing graphics — a new art form really (see collection here). It’s effective partly because its messages are short and simple. The SPLC, NYTimes, ADL et al. have been using this strategy for decades. Terms like “White supremacist,” “racist,” “anti-Semite,” and “Nazi” have been devastatingly effective, but they are only effective because they are disseminated by our hostile elites. It’s no accident that, Jeet Heer, writing in The New Republic, says that the cuckservative meme originated in “the white supremacist movement.”

When someone makes such a claim, it’s supposed to be the end of the argument. These labels have zero intellectual content, and yet they have been extraordinarily effective in making a great many Whites think that it’s a moral imperative that they become a minority in societies they have dominated for hundreds or thousands of years. You’re not supposed to think when you hear them — just cringe at the thought of  being egregiously immoral as defined by people who have radically different ethnic interests than you do. They are intended to shut off debate before it can start by automatically tarring one side as evil.

Yes, I do think that Whites, like Koreans in Korea and Ethiopians in Ethiopia, should do their best to remain in control of the countries their ancestors fought and died for. I do think races are different, that Whites have interests because they are White, and that if things don’t change dramatically, the entire institutional structure built by Whites will eventually be destroyed and Whites victimized. And, yes, Jews, like any group and especially an elite group with enormous power in the media, politics, and the academic world, should be subjected to rational criticism. These views are profoundly moral points of view.


But now this same strategy has been bubbling up from the bottom due ultimately to the internet. And it combines  intellectual power with simplicity. Bob Whitaker, who is the presidential candidate for the American Freedom Party, pioneered this strategy with his  mantras — simple statements that, unlike the mantras of the establishment, make devastatingly accurate, intellectually unanswerable points: “Asia for the Asians, Africa for the Africans, White countries for everybody!”  “Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White.” I recall during my email debates on the CSU-LB faculty listserv that several times I made versions of the “Asia is for Asians…” argument. Not one response from these SJW’s who populate our departments of social sciences and humanities. Just move on as if the argument didn’t exist. Unlike the labels cooked up by our hostile elites that succeed only through power and relentless propaganda, the argument is compelling because it obviously reflects a basic truth. But, as usual, when the left can’t answer an argument, they ignore it and do their best to get those making it fired. It will be the same with cuckservative. Read more

Another Anti-Shomrim demo in London

“This is England, this is our land. We’re not scared anymore because we’ve nothing left to lose.” With these words Jez Turner, the organiser of the London Forum, faced a howling Jewish and antifa mob at the latest ‘oppose the Shomrim’ demonstration in central London.

About 30 White nationalist and patriot demonstrators from a variety of organisations  assembled beside a banner bearing the slogan “Equal Rights for Indigenous Whites.” They were protesting against the establishment of sectarian Jewish police unit called the “Shomrim” for the Jewish community and funded by taxpayer money.

The protesters were outnumbered by the Jewish and antifa mob, who had been bussed in from various parts of the country and were assembled on three sides of the demo although both sides were outnumbered by a huge crowd of curious onlookers.

As Jez Turner recited a litany of notable Jewish “achievements” through the ages, his words seemed to rouse the mob into hysterical outrage and they screamed “arrest him.”

Given the relative success of the first anti-Shomrim demo in April, the authorities in London were clearly determined this could not be allowed to happen a second time. They largely succeeded.

The second demonstration took place in difficult circumstances after one of the organisers was arrested on the eve of demo. Then the police switched the venue to an out of the way corner of the Whitehall government office district, far away from the intended Golders Green area.

Predictably the event was ignored by the media with the exception of Russia Today which broadcast extensive footage of the protesters.

Specifically it showed how they could threaten violence with impunity. Read more

A South African White Ethnostate

In 2012 I participated in a protest at the South African Consulate in Los Angeles on the genocidal treatment of Whites in South Africa. Reports on the protests, which was part of a coordinated effort in other cities, routinely put the word ‘genocide’ in quotes and implied we were all neo-Nazis — an entirely predictable response by the respectable media from left to right that seems incapable of seeing Whites as victims of racial violence.

So I was pleasantly surprised to see that Josh Gelernter’s article “The End of South Africa” appeared in National Review. Nothing that Gelernter writes would be a surprise to a race realist, and indeed TOO‘s Francis Carr Begbie made several of the same points in his May, 2014 article “A blind eye to murder of Whites in South Africa.” Gelernter:

Things are very bad in South Africa. When the scourge of apartheid was finally smashed to pieces in 1994, the country seemed to have a bright future ahead of it. Eight years later, in 2002, 60 percent of South Africans said life had been better under apartheid. Hard to believe — but that’s how bad things were in 2002. And now they’re even worse.

When apartheid ended, the life expectancy in South Africa was 64 — the same as in Turkey and Russia. Now it’s 56, the same as in Somalia. There are 132.4 rapes per 100,000 people per year, which is by far the highest in the world: Botswana is in second with 93, Sweden in third with 64; no other country exceeds 32.

Read more

Review of “Blood in the Square” by John Bean


Blood in the Square, by John Bean
Ostara Publications, 2014; Kindle version

Reviewed by Colin Liddell

Blood in the Square is a highly readable novel about the world of nationalist politics in Britain of the 1960s. I raced through its 119 pages in a couple of normal working days. This might suggest that it is a well-crafted work by a veteran novelist, with all the tricks of the trade at his command. But although the writer, John Bean, is certainly a ‘veteran,’ he is a veteran of nationalism, not fiction. This work represents his debut as a novelist at the sprightly age of 87!

The reason the novel reads so well is that Bean is a natural storyteller and knows his subject inside-out. He has used this deep knowledge of the issues and characters of British nationalism to construct a believable and entertaining narrative that also gives great political insight, especially into the practical problems faced by nationalists in building a movement and getting their message across to a largely unsympathetic audience. The 1950s and 60s was a difficult time for nationalists thanks to recent memories of World War II, relatively low levels of immigration (by today’s standards), and the electorate’s unrelenting focus on economic and social issues, instead of cultural and existential ones.

One of the advantages of great age is that Bean writes from a perspective that overarches this entire period, and with awareness of what came before and what comes after. As far as British nationalism goes, he has seen it all.

Born in 1927, he was called up for national service in 1945, spending time in both the RAF and Royal Navy in the immediate post-war period. In 1950, after a stint working in India, he joined Oswald Mosley’s post-war Union Movement, before going on to start his own party, the National Labour Party, in 1957.

With a socialist-influenced economic focus, this party was designed to appeal to the demographic that was to be hit hardest by mass immigration in the following decades, namely the British urban working class. For this reason, the National Labour Party has served as a kind of template for more recent manifestations of British nationalism, such as the BNP and the present day British Democratic Party, of which Bean is now a member. Read more

Lawmakers attack The Political Cesspool at House Judiciary Committee hearing

I had the distinct honor of being denounced by multiple lawmakers at last week’s House Judicary Committee hearing on the “Adequacy and Enforcement of Our Nation’s Immigration Laws,” where our old friend Sherrif Paul Babeu was one of the witnesses called to testify. From the Arizona Daily Star:

Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu’s opinion of the state of the border and the administration’s policies was in high demand Tuesday as he testified before the House Committee on the Judiciary.The Arizona sheriff, known for his hardline stance on border security and illegal immigration, was one of four witnesses to testify during a hearing titled “Examining the adequacy and enforcement of our nation’s immigration laws.”

Pinal County is about 85 miles north of the border, but Babeu says a lot of the smuggling funnels through his county.

As proof, he said his office led a multiagency investigation that led to a $3 billion cartel drug bust and netted 76 arrests and 108 weapons seized.

“This is on American soil,” he said. “As sheriffs, where our primary job is answering 911 calls, how on earth did we get to this place?”

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Richard Spencer’s Ski Club Smackdown of Randy Scheuenemann

Richard Spencer has been leading an interesting life lately. Banned in Budapest for organizing the National Policy Institute conference, he was deported. Now we read of an encounter last winter with Randy Scheunemann that started with a chance meeting on a ski lift. Scheunemann is familiar to TOO readers as someone who has made a lucrative career by getting on the neocon gravy train:

Just recently it became  known that Randy Scheunemann, McCain’s foreign policy adviser, was paid hundreds of thousands of dollars by the government of Georgia. Scheunemann was also President of the Committee for the Liberation of Iraq, sponsored by Bill Kristols’ Project for a New American Century. Kristol, like the other neocons, is eager for the US to stand up to Russia over Georgia: “Is it not true today, as it was in the 1920s and ’30s, that delay and irresolution on the part of the democracies simply invite future threats and graver dangers?” Ah, the old argumentum ad Hitlerum. (“The Neocons Versus Russia“)

And Scheunemann is well aware that to stay in the good graces of his masters and keep the money flowing he has to toe the neocon line on race. So one can only imagine his horror when he found himself sitting next to a certified advocate for people (like Scheunemann) of European descent. As we all know, the war on Whites is massively incentivized. Scheunemann is a good example of a White person who has benefited greatly by turning his back on his own people.

An article on their encounter appeared in the Daily Beast by gay activist James Kirchick  (“A Racist’s Crazy Ski Resort Smackdown“). Kirchick’s piece exudes hostility toward Spencer and everything he stands for. Read more